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Welcome to — the website reviewing community. Review websites, and have others review yours.

Reviewing is the most comprehensive way of finding out what other people — your potential audience — think of your website. If you're stuck in a rut or just want to know what to improve next, a review is your answer. Updates [feed]

Auto-saved Review Drafts

Thanks to user amphigory, we now have an auto-saving review draft feature. Every 5 minutes from when you start typing, your review is saved. If you browse away (accidentally or intentionally) and then come back to the site you were reviewing, it will prompt you to load your saved review.

Let us know your thoughts :)

Posted on 5th Apr 2011 - 08:30 GMT · Comment

Chrome Browser String Now Supported

After much nagging, I finally finished modifying the browser detection script to support Chrome. Unfortunately this will only work on new reviews left.

Posted on 31st Oct 2010 - 18:56 GMT · Comment

Referrals System Changing

To combat referral cheats (because manually weeding them out is a pain in the ass), the way the referral points system works is changing. Referred members will now need to add their own sites (after they've earned 5 points) before the referee is credited. This update will come into affect over the next few days.

Posted on 29th Jul 2010 - 10:19 GMT · Comment

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Jem: The general idea is that you review people and get reviews back. You've only added 2 very small reviews yourself :pRackAttack: Does anyone actually review these sites?Anna_Kirstin: It's been a while. o.oAnna_Kirstin: It's been a while. o.oVenusfury: So I just submitted my site, someone review me!Mimi: Hiiiiiiii!aosterk: This is an awesome site.. So happy to be a part of it ^~^nelchee: Well, I've been registrered since like forever and now is the first time I submitted a review and my site :)julianguyen: Just joined too :)Alis: Nice website, I've just joined it!lolitsronald: nice!Jem: it's nearly done :Ololitsronald: I can't wait too! :Dphasts: well that's awesome i cant waitJem: see:



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