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Flashice is an ever progressing resource website, where you can find many graphics, resources and extras such as a reviewing system and contests.

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  1. sweetsugar gave it ****- on 12th Dec 2008 and said:

    Hey! I'm Sugar
    Please take this review as advice and not critisizm! Here I go!
    Layout: In my opinoin, your layout is fairly well done. Although, it is illegal. You're not allowed to take celebrity photos from the internet unless you got special permission from the photographer or took the photo. But, I shouldn't say so, because my site currently problems with that, and I'm trying to fix it. And you're right, it's hard to use something else. Like, what else?
    Premades: I like pretty much all of it. You make a bunch of pages without putting more than 2 on the page. You should try to add some'more, but make sure the quality is good.
    Tutorials: There's not too many. But I find them as okay.
    Downloads: It looks like your brushes are a bit simple, but could help. Maybe you should add more. I like your actions, though-nothing wrong with them really. Those web icons look helpful. Good.
    Portfolio: You only have one artwork. It's good, but you should add some more. And your own drawings are outstanding! You're a great artist! The photography isn't bad, but some are a bit blurry.
    Overall: Your site is pretty good. I hope you find this review helpful!

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    jasmin's Response:

    aww thank you, that was a nice review and has helped me see what needs improvment, yeah it is really hard to have graphics/resources using non-celeb things.. I dont know what there is to use!
    I hope I can improve all the bits you have mentioned, thank you!

  2. innocense gave it ***-- on 10th Dec 2008 and said:

    Hi, my name is Zoe and this is my second review on here, I hope that I can help you improve :)I am using Internet Explorer as that is what you state your site looks best in and after looking at it in FF, I agree:)

    First Impression: I like your layout, however it maybe a little too white for my liking but I have an incredibly bright screen so maybe thats it. Anyway it looks neat and clean looking.

    Layout: It's a nice simple layout which is tasteful. I dont have any critique for it really.

    CSS: It seems a little dull to me (only a little). The white background headers, in my opinion, should be the same colour as the side bar headers (purple) and maybe an 4px bottom underline in a differnt shade of purple would be nicer too. Due to my freakishly bright screen ican hardly see your unlined text, perhaps change to blue?

    Content: There isnt much content here really but its all fairly quality stuff. I am just not fussed on your brushes though sorry.

    Misc: In regards to bellabuzz, i think it wuld be nice if you customised the questions page to find in with your layot like an other page.

    I think the side bar has too much stuff on it. 4 or 5 headings should be enough. You dont need the about you bit, i am sure if someone is interested enough they will view you "about me" page.

    Conclusion: Your site has loads of potential and I am sure can go far, you just need more content :)

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    jasmin's Response:

    Oh thank you, thats very helpful!
    I tried to go for a more simple css as the layout is pretty bright and full.
    Im going to adjust some things and hopefully improve on those things you mentioned, thank you!

  3. [img: avatar]
    omgitzvicky gave it ***-- on 4th Dec 2008 and said:

    First impression - okay, I'll browse this site. The name caught my attention so I guess things will be okay

    In the side bar, under the welcome part is says favourites:
    then nothing after it, just wondering what's the use of that? I think it's good you suggest what browser we viewed it in so that we can understand if there is any minor changes or problems if we aren't using the correct browser.

    I think you need to change the main headers. "With December Comes Snow" ones. They're very bland and blue doesn't go with the colour scheme. The same blue is used when we roll over normal links.

    Content is good. You have quite a bit which is great. The tutorials are quite over used and nothing's really new there. I love the way you displayed the photo shop actions.

    Personally I feel the side bar is a bit clutterd up, especially the navigation part. I think maybe you should make 3 or 4 main pages and have sub-navigation, but a lot of people like knowing exactly where things are so just some personal opinion. I love the mini-introduction to you, the picture made me laugh and want to browse and know more about you. I think the Layout information is irrelevent and that maybe you should place that on the site page rather than placing it in the side bar :)

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    jasmin's Response:

    Thanks. the favourites is to link my site in your internet browsers favourites... like bookmarking.
    Yeah i also agree that the sidebar is too busy, I will change this soon..
    thanks again, it was really helpful!

  4. [img: avatar]
    verarorato gave it ***-- on 4th Dec 2008 and said:

    Hi! How are you? Ok! I'll made a review for you! Renembr you that I'm using Mozilla Firefox, 1024*768.
    Let's go?
    When I saw you site in the screenshot, I liked it. The layout is called my attention. The layout is simple, but the colors call your attention. I went into you site, and I have a surprise. The layout is aligned to the right side. My screen resolution is 1024*768, and the layout is big for it. One or two people can have a screen resolution minor and it confuse and frighten the visitant. Comming back to this subject, I was reading your sidebar and I read "Best viewed: Internet Explorer". I think the webmaster don't have to choose the web navigator that your visitant should use. One more thing that frighten the visitant.

    You sidebar is good, but I think you can't place things as about you or about layout in a page, and place only a small description, small.

    You navigation menu is beauty. I also think you can place it up. The people like easiness.

    I liked you pages. One hint: you should arrange the spaces of your resources menu on mozilla firefox.

    I liked you site in a generality way. You can to arrange the layout, it confuse the navigation.


    Yes, It is only!

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    jasmin's Response:

    Oh thank you for the advice.. I know that the layout is positoned to the right, it shouldnt be but on other explorers i think it does. I will try use some different codes next time!
    And yeah I agree the sidebar is abit full, i will improve on this thanks!

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    Catherine gave it **--- on 3rd Dec 2008 and said:

    Hi, I'm Catherine and I'll be doing a review for you today. I'm running on Windows XP and Firefox 3.0.4, although I will be using the IE tab addon. My screen resolution is 1024*768.

    Design: Like Liz before me, I notice that your layout is pushed off to the far right - in my browser it brings up the horizontal scrollbar and requires a little bit of scrolling in order to read the final bit of content.

    This is because you have used absolute positioning to position your layout. I recommend instead that you use the centering cheat to position your layout, as your current position means your site will look different to people of different screen resolutions - instead of being on the far right, as you hope, gaps between the layout and the right side of the window will appear.

    You mention that you claim no credit for the celebrity images used in the layout but in the best situation you shouldn't have to mention that - that is, everything you use is original or you have been given permission to use by the owner. Generally, celebrity images belong to the photographer and while most people are lucky and get out of celebrity layouts unscathed, there are incidences of people receiving requests to remove them. Jem has a nice article on copyright violation which does go into celebrity layouts.

    However, to cut a long story short, I suggest you get rid of the celebrity images because they are not yours to begin with.

    I like your use of colours, and your background image is understated yet interesting. When it comes to your font however it really should be a little bigger - or perhaps a lot bigger. The small size combined with the small line-height gives it a very "scrunched" look which makes it very difficult to read what you have written. This conversion table should help you identify a) the equivalent size in em or % (as pt, which you have been using, is for print, not the web) and b) help you choose a better size. Remember that your website is not just for you, but for yours guests - they need to be able to read what you have written, too!

    The only other niggle that I have is that your hyperlinks do not look different from the actual text. I wrote a little something on the matter a while ago, but the short story is that they should look different from the main text so people actually know they are a hyperlink without having to hover over the text to find out.

    Coding: My first thought here is "oh dear" but don't worry, everything here is fixable! It will just take some time and a little bit of effort to do so.

    As I have already mentioned the part about absolute positioning I will skip that over here although I do recommend that you fix that.

    My second thought is that your <head> section is open, so before you have your <body> tag you need to place a closing </head> tag.

    On top of that, you header is looking rather empty. You are missing the doctype and, going by your experience and everything (XHTML, strict and all sorts of other words aren't the be all and end all) I'd recommend using HTML 4.0, and once again Jem comes to the rescue with her tutorial Validating Your WebPage to HTML 4.01. Another little thing to add are meta tags.

    It's nice to see that you are using an external stylesheet but you can add so much more to it. For example you can use it to position your divs (and thus your entire layout) by giving them either an ID or a class. It is a great thing that you have started using DIVs instead of a table layout though - you might want to take a peek at this tutorial as it has a few more useful suggestions on how to organise your layout without absolute positioning.

    You have already started to style things such as your <h1> and <h2> etc. tags but I notice that you are still wrapping them in tags like <i>. You can fix this simply by adding the following line to your css:

    font-style: italic;

    With this it makes everything within that header tag italic without you having to manually change it every time, giving your HTML a cleaner look. For more examples on how to change font stuff using CSS (although it seems you have some of them down) check out the relevant page on W3Schools.

    You can also use CSS to center text in certain areas, so instead of having <center> text here </center> you can do the following:

    .center {
    text-align: center;

    and then in your HTML introduce <span class="center"> text here </span>.

    Other things I have noted include:

    - you have forgotten to close the image tag of yourself in your sidebar, meaning that your "they call me by the name" has vanished into the ether.

    - you are using javascript for your advertisement images/links. This won't work for visitors without javascript or who employ an addon such as NoScript. You can get around this by using a basic image-rotation PHP script if you remember to include links etc as well as the image.

    - you seem to be using a lot of <br> tags. In many instances (such as around your titles) you can using padding or margin in your CSS and once again save you more effort and space in your HTML.

    - you are using target="_blank" in your external links. This is not recommended and is in fact highly annoying. If people want to stay on your site they will stay on your site with or without target="_blank" - let them decide if they want to open a new tab or window. That's what right click is for, after all.

    - you are using <h3> tags for your main text. This is a big no no. You can simply style your paragraph tags like you do every other tag and simply have, for example, <p class="entry"> instead.

    Overall: I think you have taken a few steps in the right direction, but you have plenty more to go. Check out the links I have earlier for advice and pay a visit to W3Schools.com to help your skills grow. Do a bit of reading, a lot of practice, and I can really see this site - and your skills - getting loads better.

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    jasmin's Response:

    Thank you for this review, I think I will find it helpful and useful when improving my site :) thank you also for all the codes and links you have included, they are very useful :D

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    Liz gave it **--- on 2nd Dec 2008 and said:

    Hello, I'm Liz and I'll be doing this review
    Windows Vista, Firefox

    Layout and overall design
    First thing I notice is that your layout is awfully pushed over the side too much and I have to scroll a tiny bit to see the last bit of it. I'd consider centering within a container if you haven't already done so. The color scheme is quite easy on the eyes and so it the patter in the background it looks really nice. Your text looks very squished together and your sidebar text is a different size then your body one and I can't really read it. To make the body font less squished just remove "line height: blahblah" from your css under body. UGHH scroll bars. I just noticed it by looking at your css. These are quite tacky and I usually come across them on newbie sites:(
    In your sidebar under menu the links look far too close to the bars maybe some padding? I also found a spelling mistake "affices" instead of "affies". Pshh your disclaimer. So you're just going to steal photos other photographers work because you know it's just okay right? Nope. See my article on celebrity images. About your header honestly, anyone can blend a whole bunch of celebrity images and change the colors on them. Use stock images from SXC.HU or Deviantart.com! Also the back/forward/home links in your footer are pointless people nowadays use their browser buttons(: Your about me is written in little fragments like “Liz. 15 in 3 days. Vintage movies. Writing. Fall out boy.” Let’s write in complete sentences.

    First I'm going to go over your css because it looks sloppy. Remember if you have something like "padding: 0px" that does nothing just remove it because it's useless. Also for fonts instead of something like:

    a.nav:hover {
    text-decoration: none;
    font-family: verdana;
    color: #513c4d;
    padding: 2px;

    You can clean it up a bit by doing this for your font

    font: normal 80%/1.75 verdana;

    Also all fonts should be above 10px(;

    Now onto your html.
    Lalal~ you're missing a doctype. Refer to jem's basic html tut for this. Your welcome message doesn't even have anything in it:
    <!-- welcome message -->
    <div style="position:absolute; x-index:0; left:400px; width:160px; top:242px;">

    I'd just delete that. Ughh<i> use <em> instead(:
    Instead of all this blabhlajkj
    <div style="position:absolute; x-index:0; left:260px; width:230px; top:415px;">
    Create this in your css for your sidebar
    sidebar {
    position: absolute;
    left: 260px;
    width: 230;
    top: 415px; }

    When you're done all you have to put in your site is
    <div id=“sidebar> sidebar stuff </div>
    And do that with everything(:
    Get rid of the random <br> tags and make sure you don’t capitalize any of your tags. Aaand use <code> instead of <textarea>

    On to your pages
    Jasmin- Jamins page should be “Jasmin’s page”. First of all, this font is sooopooo tiny it’s making me go blind. It should be 10px or higher. steriotypical
    Should be stereotypical. opinionative
    Should be opinionated. “In it’s self” should be in its self because it’s doesn’t belong to someone in that sentence. “Sensative”
    Should be sensitive. “I dont
    Try to be someone I’m not” should be I “don’t”
    Should be consider.
    Double spell check this;D

    Domain- Your little thing is off the purple box! See screenshot
    Ahh you spelled affie wrong againL
    Reword this sentence in your history it doesn’t make scents:

    I can get Flashice one of the bigger sites, like vejc-design and swim chick.
    Let’s reword it:
    I hope I can get Flashice to be one of the bigger and well known sites such as vejc-design and swim chick.
    Graphic education? Umm..errr doesn’t sound right.

    Content- Your arrows look like ones from swim chick that I once happened to come across. Under your disclaimer “there” should be “their”. Also taking a celeb image cropping it coloring it and splashing it with brushes doesn’t make it yours. Get rid of it. A PNG is a type of file I’m sure your know don’t your mean PSD. Ahh psd’s quite annoying slicing up some random tacky celebrity’s pictures is copyrighted as it is and to offer it as a “resource” is the distribution of copyrighted work and illegal. Moore copyright violations yay! Scanning a magazine unless you made it all yourself took the photos by hand or used stock is illegal as well! As for css tutorials clean up your css before you advise someone else on how to code css. UGHHJKJLJ cutenews. Don’t have these on your site! There are millions of cutenews tutorials and all promote the installing of this script that is very insecure. Brushes are alright. Oh and yet more copyright violations L your whole “content” section is basically a lawsuit waiting to happen. Use stock images in your psp script previews. Hmm… your web icons look oddly similar to that of Outspoken-Kate’s.

    Reviews?- Let’s work on your site a bit more before doing those(: it looks like you’re basically just complimenting everything on their site. EHMAHGAWD your wallpapers are brill.

    Extras- Stereotypical contests. Use this celebrity image and make an icon EHMAHGAWD LAWLZ.

    Portfolio- So “artwork” is some random textures and celebrity images slapped over the page with lots of splatter brushes? Didn’t think so. Well, you do have photography and drawings though more of that(:

    Move your layout over to the right. Make your text wayyyyyy bigger! I’d like to see you get rid of your copyrighted images (the majority of your “content”). Check your spelling and also clean up your coding quite a bit. Some work and your site with have improved sooo much(:

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    jasmin's Response:

    Thanks for the advice, I know my coding is disastrous right now, I\'m still working on that. Your advice will be helpful :)
    it\'s hard to have a website with no celebrity images at all, because basically there is nothing you can put on the site? Iv\'e been web-designing for around 3 years now, so Im not a newbie :) the scrollbar was just a test I haven\'t removed again, Im under a revamp/change. Other than that I think what you pointed out is going to be a lot of help for me to improve so thank you!

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