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This is my personal site where I ramble about my boring life that I try to make interesting and occasionally post some not-so-good vector works and things of that sort. I'm trying to get better at photoshop and design, but I'm so impatient. Oh well.

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    Asia gave it ****- on 5th Mar 2009 and said:

    Hi, Nicole! Thanks for the prompt response concerning this review. Once you have had time to take a look at the results, I hope you will share your thoughts as to your satisfaction with the review. I want to make sure that my reviews are the best they can be. If you have any further questions about anything I might not have covered in the review, or perhaps you would like assistance with one of my suggestions, please let me know. With that being said, I'll get started.

    First Impression:
    I am pleased to see such vibrant colors in your design, particularly considering how they contrast with the brown you've used. I like to see brown in designs as well, as it seems to be an uncommon color for some reason. It seems you knew just where to put the splashes of color, so that they interact well with one another, the brown background, and the objects in the foreground, for example, the flower. In this way, the color scheme is very original.
    The idea of the desk/tabletop of course, is not an incredibly fresh idea, but the personal touches you've added here and there, for example the note from Brian, and the errand sticky note, add to it an originality of its own. I am a little concerned that the sticky has what could be a live number. I looked it up and didn't get any results, and I was tempted to call it, but I think just saying that proves my point. Perhaps in the future, you might want to consider using a more false number, because you never know when a number you (presumably) pull out of your imagination might go into use. They don't use 555 in the movies for nothin'.
    All that fuss over the sticky note made me realize the oddity of having your Twitter output at the bottom of the layout, especially with it being below your photography and the copyright information. I guess that's the trouble with single column layouts; it's difficult deciding where to put things. Maybe this is typical, but I could see the bird being moved up near the flower, buzzing about it, perhaps, and the shade of blue you have right near the flower just about matches the Twitter icon. It's typical to have the bird near the Twitter output anyway, so it couldn't really hurt much to put it in motion and put it in a more familiar/useful area of the layout as well. That, I think, will help it stand out more.
    Returning to the top of the layout, I realize that the kerning (that is the spacing between the letters) in "HELLO" in the name tag. I know what look you were going for, but I think it could use a little bit of tightening. I suggest the same for the spacing between the words of "my name is." Additionally you spell the site's name incorrectly, as "," adding an l. It's a little embarrassing to misspell your own site name, but it's not too noticeable given the tight kerning on the text. Still, I'm certain you want to address that if you're going to keep this layout longer. Always remember to triple check, especially since your site's name is so long!
    I think that the round rectangle that you have your introduction in clashes with the square border around your photo. I would recommend either making them both square or rounded, or moving your photo further into the rounded rectangle to ensure it doesn't jab out that way, i.e. give it more padding. Additionally, it would be more attractive to have the text line up with the photo on the left side, and to make sure it doesn't cut so close to the right side too. It might also be nice if we could click your photo to get to your "Nicole" section, but this would certainly be more easily accomplished if your intro-box were rendered with CSS rather than strictly imagery. Of course, you could use an image map, but I would not recommend that for reasons I think Aisling covered nicely.
    This leads me to the navigation, which, I would agree with Aisling, would do nicely to have hover effects that would "stick" when you're in that particular section. Again, that would be a much more easily accomplished if you moved away from image maps. I haven't designed a layout of my own for some time, so I'm a little rusty, but the Tutorialtastic tutorial will not steer you wrong.
    Finally, looking to your blog entries, I have a few recommendations for you in visual terms. Your post information seems to follow a strange hierarchy, in that the post title comes before the date, and yet it has the appearance of being smaller. I recommend making the post title text larger, or putting the date first, because headers that should be higher in the hierarchy generally have more importance.
    I was curious and looked at your code, and I would really recommend against using so many divs when this particular area of the site calls for headers (i.e. <h1>, <h2>, and so on). It can really make organizing code and the CSS that controls the code much. Sure, it can be a pain to have to deal with varying browser defaults, especially if you're the type concerned with cross-browser compatibility, but they're not that difficult to level out once you get the hang of it. You'll know what I mean if/when you start to experiment with it.
    I also recommend that the post title be linked to the post page (in addition to the comments section anchor link) and you may also want to consider having the date of the post be linked to the archives. This helps make navigating the blog much simpler, and the nice thing about WordPress is that it can automate that for you. Do check the Codex when you get the chance.
    Reading through your blog would be easier on the eyes if you added a little more line-spacing, particularly since your layout is so wide. It would also be useful to have an alternative way of accessing the archives rather than just the “Older Entries” link at the bottom. I think the commenting section could also use some sprucing up. The "Responses!" and "What Do You Think?" parts of the comment section represent to me a good size for your post titles, which I think they should match or perhaps even better, be smaller.
    Similarly, the commenter name should be the same size as the date if you're going to put them on the same line. Personally I think it would be better if the name were larger, though. Again, line-spacing is an issue here. I recommend experimenting with color in this area to help liven up the page in tandem with the commenter icons. It would also be more attractive to have the icons float beside the comment text rather than hovering by itself like that. With all the information on individual lines this way, things like the commenter icons seem like an afterthought.
    Lastly, the comment form itself is rather dull, particularly since it is by itself. It might be helpful to widen it a bit, as well as, to again, experiment with incorporating colors from the rest of the layout. I see this a lot, where the blog features don't seem to match the layout, but it really shows a lot of care and effort has been put into the layout when you get down to the tiniest details and try to make them look at least a little like the layout.

    From the top level, this section seems to be very organized. I think it would be very helpful, however, to have there be relevant <title> information so that I have one more visual indication that the section has changed. This is also where having dynamic navigation that "sticks" to the hover effect when you're in that section, would come in handy. WordPress can really help you out in that area as well. It might be helpful to search "dynamic wordpress navigation” as there are plenty of tutorials available.
    Being on this page also allows me to recognize that the intro-box you have is kind of useless anywhere but on the front page. I would recommend having it show up only on the home page, because elsewhere, it needlessly takes up space. It seems silly to have an introduction on every page. Again, this process would be simplified if the intro-box weren't an image. Of course, it's not that difficult to create an alternative background that doesn't include the intro-box that will appear on non-home pages, but it is bad practice to have it be an image in the first place if we return to Aisling's reasoning on why not to use images; if images are turned off, someone would not be able to read your intro-box. Of course, it's not vital, and it's unfortunate you'd have to give up the funky hand-written text, but it would make your site more accessible. Returning to keeping the intro-box on the home page, WordPress has the functionality for this as well, which can be implemented either through a home.php template or the is_home conditional tag. Please refer to the WordPress Codex for more information.
    Now I'm going to delve deeper into this section on a page-by-page basis.

    >Pandora's Box:

    >>Into My Psyche:
    It's a little confusing to have the pages be referred to as one thing in the top section (Nicole) but then not have that title referenced at all on the actual page, particularly since you divide the pages themselves into smaller parts. You should consider using WordPress' page hierarchical functionality more to your advantage. It will make navigating these sections much easier.
    That reminds me, I don't know what kind of server you have, but you should consider adjusting your permalink settings as that can be another useful indication of place on the website, aside from the >title< attribute and dynamic navigation. If it works, you should be able to change your permalinks to something like rather than, which is a bit unsightly and hard to keep track of. Of course, your server needs mod_rewrite capabilities, and that might not be the case. It's not a big deal, but if you have the feature, I don't see why you wouldn't use it. Just try the permalink thing to determine whether your server has the feature. If it doesn't work, you'll have to stick to the default permalink structure.
    With that being said, I recommend that on these inner pages, there should be some alternative indication that I am viewing a child page of the "Nicole" section of the site. Assuming you even have your WordPress pages set up in a hierarchy, this could be a very simple process. To illustrate, in the same way that the URL hierarchy might look something like http:/, the page hierarchy will reflect that /nicole/ or the “Nicole” page is the main or parent page, and /nicole/into-my-psyche/ or “Into My Psyche” is a child page of “Nicole.” The same would apply to the other pages in the “Nicole” area. You can see here how the “Pandora’s Box” and “Scraps” headings on the page might become confusing, but since you have so many pages, I do think they are necessary, and would advise that they not be incorporated into the navigational hierarchy.
    Now onto the actual content of the page. Again, you start a page with a new heading, “Vanity” and no indication of where I came from on the site. At this point, I could be literally anywhere on the site, and nothing visually in your layout, headings, or URL helps me to know that I am on the “Into My Psyche” page of the “Nicole” section. I hope by now I have stressed the importance of organization, because I am going to try not to harp on it again.
    Looking at the code for your heading, “Vanity,” I see you have improperly used a <p> with a class of “head” to render it. Again, I urge you to move away from this scheme of coding, because it can be quite painful to sift through. If I were to reorganize this page myself, I would use WordPress’ ability to output the current page title as an <h1> and the subsections of “Vanity” and “Appearance *Shudders*” as <h2>.
    In actuality, your headings are a bit deceiving if not repetitive, because “Vanity” and “Appearance” essentially deal with the way things look, which, in your “Vanity” section, is not what you’re describing, apart from your photo. I recommend that you rename this first section, and as for the second, personally, I am not fond of your inclusion of “*Shudders*” in the second heading. I think any commentary on the forthcoming section might be more appropriate as a subheading, which, in the case of my vision of this page reorganized, might appear between <h3> tags on the next line under the <h2> tags in a smaller font and in a lighter color to indicate that it is not as important to the organization.
    Having gone through the entire page, I would also recommend against the use of the random bits of text that have been capitalized and put into random colors, especially since you use tags that usually have an actual purpose of emboldening (<strong>) and emphasizing (<em>) text. While what you have done is trendy, it abuses these tags. Personally I don’t see the aesthetic value in this trend, but if you’re going to use it, I recommend you turn towards <span> tags. Also note that tags like <u> <center> are deprecated, and if you’re going to properly validate your code, you might as well forget about them. Check the validators, because you have several warnings and errors.

    >>Facts and Tidbits:
    I see unordered lists (<ul>) on this page, but not the proper implementation of them! These are not technically paragraphs, except for the bit about your passion for music, so I don’t see why you use paragraphs with breaks on every line. I think a list would also aid reading this page visually. You might not want the bullets with the lists, but personally, I see them as another small opportunity to add flair to a layout, as you can use CSS to change them to your liking. Because each browser has a tendency to render them slightly differently, it can be a bit of a pain to have them all look the same, but once you figure out how to level out the styles across browsers, it can really be worth it. In the “A Woman’s Purse...” section, I would recommend a multilevel (nested) list to convey that all those objects are inside the purse.
    Content wise, you’ve misspelled Seussical, and I think, if you’re willing, it could be really exciting for you to share a clip of your musical skills with your readers. It’s one thing to declare your love for singing, but to have yourself singing from the page would really show us that. Besides, who doesn’t love a website that appeals to as many senses as possible, and, assuming you’re any good (which you must be to have a four octave range) wouldn’t it be fun to have your ego stroked a little? Of course, I understand it takes a profound amount of courage to do that (which you might as well get used to expending now if you’re really considering Broadway) and it will certainly take a little bit of skill to produce the clip, but it would be a nice personal touch to all this that could potentially make your site sparkle.

    >>100 Facts About Me:
    Oh look, finally a page with a heading that matches the one used on the “Nicole” page! Here, the transition from that page to this one is clear. I also see a list, but not a proper one! Nicole, your life would be so much easier if you would just use a list! Here, you would use an ordinal list (<ol>), and with CSS, you would easily be able to control the color and boldness of the digits. Not only that, but the list would keep track of the numbers for you! Content wise, I haven’t gone through the whole list, but numbers 9 and 81 essentially convey the same information. I think the fact that it is so easy to accidentally repeat this information and that you haven’t actually finished the list really showcases the lack of necessity for pages of this nature. I sincerely doubt people read these things, especially since the list is so long, making it a somewhat tedious task to parse. Rarely does anything of crucial interest get conveyed in these pages that couldn’t have been written in your main “about” page. I would consider getting rid of this page, especially since there’s already so much information in your “Nicole” section.

    >>101 Things in 1001 Days:
    Compared to the previous section, I think this page is very interesting, although it might be easier to go through this information if the page were organized somehow. Like, say, perhaps you could organize your goals into their type. For example, some goals are related to your health, and others to music/talent. Again, please use lists. It will also help the lists look consistent in style from page to page. It must have been a pain to write numbers 1 to 101. Lastly, the Javascript link that sends people a page back is very unnecessary.

    >>My Dragons!:
    This particular page might be better organized as a table. Only one of your dragons (“Lysander Fayruz) seems to have disappeared. Since this is just a page of images, it doesn’t seem to have much purpose other than to convey a hobby, but whatever floats your boat!


    I can understand why you wouldn’t offer alternative forms of contact, but if your form ever goes down, no one would be able to contact you. It might be helpful to list some kind of email. Simply by not linking it, you would avoid spam. My only gripe with this page is that the form is so unattractive, and, when comparing it to the one in the comments section of posts, it is not consistent with the rest of the site. The CSS for forms can be tough, but it’s always worth it.

    >>W.O.M.B.A.T. Scores:
    Here I see an organizational discrepancy. Since this particular page wound up in the “Scraps” section, why wouldn’t the dragons? The dragons certainly don’t convey anything about you other than an interest, so I think the dragon section should be moved here. Note that the link to the Gryffindor test is dead, at least right now.

    >>Spongebob Collection:
    The styles on this page are all over the place. I don’t understand why the descriptive paragraph needed to be brown when it seems to make a perfectly reasonable paragraph. While this page does well in a table, it has been abused to the point that you’ve used <br /> tags where you should have just put the description of the image in another cell. Other than the semantics, I found this page very entertaining, as it gives us a real peek into your world.

    You should go over your links. Your MySpace Friend Id is invalid.

    The Site:

    Brief and to the point, which is nice. I’m still not a fan of the <strong> text. As I’ve said before, I believe those would make much better headings.

    >Past Layouts:
    First of all, I think some of the images of the screen captures are too large. A few of them expanded beyond my current resolution. I would recommend you pick a smaller size and be consistent with it. That way, when people are looking through this, they don’t have to move the mouse all over the screen to close the image or move to the next one, and the script you’re using won’t take too long to open as well. This information would definitely be better organized in a table rather than paragraphs. It is a pity you don’t have larger caps for previous layouts, but in any case, I would say you have much to be proud of in terms of improvement. I think my favorite layout is the brown and green one.

    >Site Credits:
    While this page is well organized, it is poorly executed. Again, a list would serve well here.

    >Wanna Be On My Exit Page?:
    You know, this page being blank makes me realize it’s kind of pointless to include the page if there’s nothing of interest on it at the moment. I would suggest using WordPress functionality to hide the page until it’s complete. Simply make the page private. Otherwise, it needlessly takes up space.

    While I am not a fan of using other people’s imagery if I cannot attain proper permissions, I can definitely appreciate skill where I see it, and you’ve got it. I find it a little odd that you offer the work up without any description. It makes the section feel like something you added last minute, like an afterthought to add just one more section to your site. Right now it feels like you have no attachment to your work; it feels impersonal. Personally I would like to know more about the work.


    >Your Site:

    >>Web Layouts:
    The first link is dead because you misspelled nonsensicality again. None of these are your best work, but I imagine they’ve been sitting here a while.

    Honestly, these are pretty unremarkable.


    No comment.

    >>Div Layouts:
    These are probably where you got used to bad coding semantics! I admire that you could have the patience to sit through making a MySpace layout, though.


    No comment.

    >>Icon Sets:
    No comment.


    Other than you saying “click for full image” it’s not very apparent that those are thumbnails. Also, you should try to be more consistent with the image styles, including the borders you place around them.

    >>Tiny Banners:
    No comment.


    >>Vintagchiq Tutorial
    Is vintage really spelled without the e? It might be helpful if in your tutorials, you tell people what version of Photoshop you’re using, even though your tutorial will likely perform regardless. If you’re going to develop more tutorials, I recommend they be a little neater. Having the image inline with text is not only unsightly, but distraction. I think a thumbnail should float to the side of the text. Also, you get sloppy towards the end, making all of the text bold. You should look into that. It would also be nice to have the aftereffect of the tutorial too.


    You know what’s interesting about you having this type of content? You yourself have strayed from celebrity layouts, but you continue to feed the medium with this type of content. Now, I don’t know your opinion on the whole matter, but at present I find it a little weird.

    >>Color Schemes:
    A great idea, although not so new. Do you know about I’m sure you would enjoy it, if you’re still into developing schemes.

    >>Color Chart:
    I don’t see why you would include this on your site as it is accessible on a dozen others. Not only that, you admit not to making it yourself. It’s a good policy not to use anything if you don’t know where it came from. Maybe that’s just me.

    You have a lot of interesting links here. I don’t feel I need to reiterate, but these should be lists!

    Final Thoughts:
    Well Nicole, this has been a very long review, perhaps my longest ever, and I hope you can find the time to parse through all of it. I certainly hope you won’t confuse my sincerity and effort for harshness too. Additionally, I ask you to pardon any inconsistencies in my tone or approach as this review was written over the course of several days.
    With all I’ve written, I’m sure my review might be a little intimidating, but I assure you it’s not all bad. While I find your site to be visually appealing, I think it could certainly use some work in the way of organization and coding semantics. WordPress is a powerful tool with dozens of features that many of us will rarely find a use for, but I think you have largely done yourself a disservice not to use the simpler ones. If I were you, I’d incorporate whatever you’re willing to accept in my commentary into a new layout rather than the current, because I have certainly made a lot of suggestions, and it might be difficult to backtrack when you’ve likely become so attached to the layout as is.
    That’s everything I have for now. I hope my review has proven helpful, and I would appreciate any commentary as to how I could make it better. Thank you, and good luck with your site! If you run into any walls with WordPress or something else, feel free to message me, and I’ll try to help you out.

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    nonsensical's Response:

    Wow, thanks for such an in depth review, and I do not feel like you were harsh in the slightest. I appreciate honesty so much and I am happy you are so tactful with it! I never thought about just using lists and all of that before and I will definitely look into it and start to learn more. I also do want to get away from the stupid image maps, I've been having some issues learning, but I am still working on it. And yes, the stuff in the "Stuff" section has been sitting there for QUITE sometime to be honest haha, I'm half tempted to just take it all down because it's so old and useless.

    I didn't spell wrong on the name tag though, the font is just weird and the 'l' and 'i' kind of look the same I think. The spacing in the text is difficult to read and I will try to fix that. I still have the psd of my header so things are really easy to fix there. I never thought about the number at the bottom having a chance to really be a number, I just punched in random numbers!! That was silly of me.

    Anyway, I really, really appreciate your review and I am going to start changing a lot of stuff as soon as I can! Spring break is a week and a half away and perhaps that will be a good time to do some spring cleaning on my site! I do plan on using this layout for a while longer so I'm going to just try to fix things to make it better. Thank you so much again!!

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    Aisling gave it ****- on 23rd Dec 2008 and said:

    Firstly, I would like to correct an error made in the review below mine:

    You ARE NOT supposed to add blank targets to links that lead off site. It is not good for accessibility and usability. In general, the rule is that you don't mess with ANYONE'S browser. I.E. No coloured scrollbars, no opening new tabs, no changing cursors, etc.

    Okay, on to the review. I will be reviewing your design top to bottom and then your content left to right. Let's get started.

    The first thing I notice is how much I really love this design. I mean, I secretly like most of your designs, but this one is extra adorable.

    I am not a fan of image maps, and I'm going to say it right out. They are not very good for accessibility, because if I have to browse without images for some reason, I'm going to lose the vast functionality of your site. You could easily achieve this same navigation with images and horizontal block navigation (there's a tutorial at tutorialtastic that is easy enough), plus add hover images, so I can see what exactly I'm clicking. :D It would make it a lot nicer, everyone loves fun navigation. :)

    I would like to see your site title be more OUT THERE. I don't care if you don't have something that says "Nonsensicality," but making it stand out more in your opening intro paragraph could be great.

    Design-wise, I don't have much to say. A touch more padding could be nice on the content area, but only 5px or so. The space at the bottom where the pencil hangs over doesn't look *quite* right to me. I think it would be better with the pencil moved up a tiny bit more.

    The text in the footer is quite difficult to read. Perhaps a transparent background could work, or darkening the text. Also, the "Send" button is sliding off the yellowish paper.

    I'm getting 5 errors and 2 warnings in your HTML, seems to be relating to your captcha.

    Overall, gorgeous design. Not much that can be changed. Just a few tweaks would be excellent.

    On to content, your Nicole page is well organized, as are all of the pages linked from it. They are well written and in a pleasant tone. You have tonnes of information on yourself which is fabulous.

    Site continues in this fashion, a little bit less information though, but that's okay. Still, well written, and an enjoyable read.

    Your design section is also well organized. Your Stuff section is also nice, although I do wonder if the two sections could be combined.

    Exits page is also lovely, but Plugin Used would be better suited on your site page, I think!

    Overall, this is a SHORT review, for which I apologize. Your site is very well done. With a few tweaks of the design (most pressingly, the navigation, then the title), this could be really really super.

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    nonsensical's Response:

    I will definitely look at that tutorial, I can't stand using an image map myself, it's a real pain in the butt!! Thank you for the suggestion! I also agree that the bottom part with the pencil looks odd and I will fix that as well. I think I might just take the darn captcha down because spammers are getting through it anyway and that should also fix the "send" button problem!! Thanks so much for your helpful review and I will get on fixing everything right away!!

  3. RachelL gave it ****- on 23rd Dec 2008 and said:

    Hey, this is my first review, so I'm going to try my best to be "awesome" or whatever ;)

    First impression: "Whoa giant signature O.O." Heh, the layout hadn't loaded yet, forgive me.

    Layout: I really like your layout, it is gorgeous! I love the "desktop" theme, and it is very interesting to look at. I spent my first couple minutes on your site just exploring your layout. I also love the font that you used for the text in the image(s), it's very appropriate for the them. The one thing that I would possibly change is maybe leaving your signature as just your name, or your name with a smaller calligraphic swirl. The swirl just takes up so much room, although it is very pretty (especially on your December 19 post: because it was only one line it took me a while to figure out if you actually had a post above that signature). Also, if it was me I think I would use a different font for the body of your posts, but I'm not sure which one and really it's fine how it is--just personal preference.

    Tiny random things I noticed: Under Pandora's Box when you click on Nicole, the link called My Dragons is described as "A challenge to read 28 books over the 2008 year." It seems like this might be outdated?

    In "in my purse" you say that you have a Pink Katana phone, but farther down the page you talk about your new slider phone.

    I like that you have a contact me form rather than just a list of information for how to contact you. I would change the colors though as it doesn't really match your current layout.

    It's cool that you posted your W.O.M.B.A.T. scores, I wouldn't have thought to put something like that on my blog. One tiny thing that bothers me is how the first test's results are centered, but the second two are not. Perhaps consistency would be better?

    I love your Spongebob collection >.< It's cute how you even collect things like Burger King cups if they have that silly sponge on them. If it was me I would make the full-size images open in a new window, so that if someone forgets and closes the image, they will still be on your site.

    In your toybox, only one of the images actually shows up, and part of his code is sitting under him :(

    In site --> general --> layout, you talk about a "current layout," but I don't think that it is actually referring to the current layout anymore?

    On your past layouts page, it would be cool if you could click to see bigger versions, but again that's totally personal preference.

    Overall, I would have any off-site links open in a new window (like pictures or the links on your credits page).

    I really like the way that the images come up when you click them in your design section! :D

    I won't comment on your "stuff" section because I read somewhere else on your site that you stopped adding visitor content for the sake of the blog.

    Throughout the site: The only real "issue" I have with your site is your grammar. Not that it needs to be perfect, it really doesn't bother me if it's super-casual or whatever (this sentence xD), but I would at least try to avoid run-ons. For example, when I first started my review of your site, I read the entry you wrote about your mother-in-law-to-be. It was interesting, but my attention got lost on occasion by sentences that lasted an entire paragraph... honestly it was slightly painful because it was a very long post and I wanted to get through the whole thing (which I did in the end ^.^ That situation sucks by the way and I hope that Brian got it all worked out by talking to... his dad was it?)

    Soooo yeah, I think I'm done! Sorry about all the negativity... I don't know, for me constructive criticism like that is better to get than a super-positive review. That makes me think, "okay... so why am I here again? I want to improve."

    Heh, I hope you "enjoyed" this review, and happy holidays!

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    nonsensical's Response:

    Thanks so much your review helped me out a lot! I think I fixed nearly everything you talked about but I need to go through and target=blank everything I think. I fixed all of them on my exits and all that but I know I have random links throughout the site so I need to be sure to fix all of them. Thank you so much!!

  4. Lexxi gave it ****- on 19th Dec 2008 and said:

    You have a lot of content, and due to time constraint on my part, I will just review your layout for now.

    The Good
    The layout overall is really pretty. It has a girly vibe to it and I love the rainbow background swirlies you used for your blog.I like the flower, the colors and the easy to read text. I also like the footer. That's a really pretty floral background behind "Zoomr" and "Site Info".

    The Bad
    The wood background looks very choppy because there are lines separating them. I would suggest getting rid of the lines because it makes the layout look sloppy. The next thing that really irked me was those big green blobs in between your blog entries. I would suggest to get rid of them because it does not match, nor does it make sense, with your layout. The final thing I didn't like was that the pencil in the footer is way too big. Consider making it shorter and smaller.

    Your CSS is fine but apparently your HTML is not valid. There are only a few errors that I believe are due to the Zoomr photos you have. It seems easily fixable so maybe look into it.

    Final Words
    I really like the layout and I think with some minor tweaking, it'll look gorgeous. Sorry for not reviewing the content. I will come back and review it when I have the time.

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