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In January of 2006 BT opened mostly as a graphics resource site. For a while these goodies wore removed, so my site could focus more on my portfolio, but now I've added back most of my content. Mostly XHTML, and main pages are valid, but not all of the old pages.

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    Vanesa gave it ***-- on 7th Feb 2009 and said:

    Hi there, I'm Vanesa. I use Firefox on Windows XP with a screen resolution of 1024x78 pixels.

    First Impression
    A splash page. Gosh, it scares me... but not too much. Oooh... that dramatic hair flying in the wind thing. I like the picture, and I also like the words... like the website is in the girl's head and her hair is spewing out bits of the website, the text and stuff.

    Weird mental picture.

    Anyways, the splash page is nice and all, but I'd really prefer to see a real home page (like... your blog entries) and then a real navigation. Also add in the title of your site. If you don't want to get rid of the design, at least put an introduction or something. And your title - titles are not supposed to be decorative. (I seem to always link to Anomalyd's article on title tags. I feel like a broken record. :P)

    The navigation seems so small... you should make it bigger.

    I've already mentioned stuff about your splash page, and I don't even know what the real layout is, so... here it goes. *click*

    10 minutes later...

    Woah, my computer actually freezed! It's a good thing I'm writing this in Wordpad and not directly on because the live preview would've made my entire computer freeze for even longer than 10 minutes. If I wasn't reviewing your site, I would've declared your site "evil" and never come back. Whatever is bulking up your site, get rid of it.

    Okay, just clicked "restore previous session".

    Crap!! *Firefox freezes, Vanesa starts babbling, goes to restart Firefox, but instead clicks "start new session"* Wait... what's your URL again? Umm... "bleeding*something*.org", I think. (Titles don't stick to me easily... you should make a more memorable title or something.) Ah-ha! Truth! Bleeding Truth!

    Finally! The layout didn't freeze.

    Since most of this section is just me babbling, let me just skip all the mindless ramblings and cut to the chase:

    - Center it. Or.. you can keep the title on the left, and move everything to the center.
    - Remove signature. It's not needed.
    - Make it so that linked images don't have that border that's only supposed to be for links.
    - Add the date to your entries.
    - Get rid of justified text. It's not worth it, and it can screw up paragraphs of text. Justified text is only for newspapers.
    - Make the "post data" (subscribe button/comment(/date)) more noticeable.
    - Get rid of Cutenews. Use FanUpdate or Wordpress. (I know this doesn't count but bear with me here.)
    - Switch sidebar and footer content. (Put "more" in the sidebar and the "twitter" and "coming soon" in the footer.)
    - Put an introduction somewhere. Since I told you to get rid of the signature, you should have some place else (besides the header) to show the name of the person who owns this website.
    - Make the favicon transparent.
    - The "friends" and "topsites" look out of place with the yellow background. Get rid of it.
    - Make the links stand out more when you hover over them. (e.g. make the border white to match the background, and then make the border a different colour when you hover over it.)
    - Remove the top red dotted header... it makes everything, overall, messy.
    - Change the font to Verdana, Arial, Trebuchet MS, or Century Gothic. Or another sans-serif one.

    XHTML Transitional, eh? Well, hopefully you're just slowly switching to Strict, and if not, I suggest you do. If you're going to validate to XHTML, go straight to Strict because you might as well do the job thoroughly. Here, there's even a tutorial about converting to strict.

    You have inline styles (e.g. style="float: right;") which you can just "classify" (e.g. add class="right" instead) and external styles. I reccomend you just get rid of all the inline styles and just put classes and ids. (It's like what you did with "container" and "content".)

    Make your title a "real" header (h1), and style it so the image appears.

    The <div> before and after each h3 is unecessary. Since you use CuteNews, just change the template. And change it to h2 because there's no header and subheader to accompany it.

    Use "real" headers. You bold "friends" and "topsites... and you use h4's even though there isn't an h1, h2, or h3 to accompany it. (Change it all to h2's and h3's.)

    Move the Twitter code right before the </body> for faster loading. And put <li></li> in between the ul's so it can validate.

    Overall, just follow the tutorial I gave you, and you'll do fine.

    FINALLY I can get on the content!

    The Latest Blog Post:
    Organized, although I don't get the "dirty, dusty, coffee stains, scratches, grunge." above it. Is it the styles? Is it the theme? Explain.

    Ah. A nav. Please unstyle the bold or whatever it is... and the bullets... it all looks ugly. Put a space after you show the image of those heart bullets, because it's sticking together and looks ugly. You should use code, not textarea[/ur] for the link buttons. Speaking of the link buttons... they're awesome. :)

    Group the tutorials sections and graphics sections together... it looks a little messy.

    Boy, there's a lot... well, here it goes:

    Graphics Resources - I don't know whether these brushes are good or not, but I can make a lot of the text ones in MS Paint very easily. Where do the magazine scans come from? Did you ask the magazine's permission to use it? If not, you shouldn't be offering these. Also... you seem to not have any real thumbnails.

    A real thumbnail is the same image of the real image, only smaller. You only used width and height attributes... but it does not help the loading time. What it does is make the entire page load the images as if they were their regular size... only smaller. And it looks distorted. Make real thumbnails... just a smaller size of the picture. Heck, you can even "prnt screen", paste and crop it in Paint, and call it a day!

    You seem to offer a lot of brushes and textures... keep up the good work!

    Tutorials/Photoshop - Meh. I've seen these before... and you're using images from Neopets and celebrity images... did you get permission? With Neopets, you just have to put the copyright notice wherever the content is displayed, so no big deal. But did you get permission from the photographer to use the picture of Avril Lavigne, or any other pictures? If not, use a different image that you made. If you don't have permission, it's illegal. (See On Copyright Violation.)

    Tutorials/MS Paint - I expected to see something like "drop shadow effect" and "shading" or something... but all I get are some blog layout tutorials... (I've seen some some pretty amazing things done with Paint, so you have to do better than that.) These aren't styled like your Photoshop tutorials - make it that way? Because that entire paragraph about the Neopets blog tutorial is so confusing and overwhelming, I didn't even bother to try following it.

    Graphic Resources/MS Paint - Oh, wow! What great resources for the MS Paint user! I know only two other sites that offer resources, and you've done a great job here. In fact, I might use them!

    Oh, wait, on the Paint textures... looking into your code, I see the following:


    Get rid of the div, because it screws up the entire layout. What is it doing there, anyway? And make up your mind - is it h1 or h2? Your code is very screwed up...

    Oh, and again with the celebrity images - if you didn't get permission from the photographer, they're not yours.

    Gah... Firefox freezed on me again. This time on the MS Paint blogs.

    Remember - real thumbnails!

    Okay, restarting Firefox...

    Pre-made Graphics -
    Forum sets - These are great. You don't have to show the image URL in a textarea... just show the image URL. It's not that hard.

    LJ Friends Only Signs - The first one is hard to read. Other than that... meh. Many people can make their own... that are even better than these. The last two are weird and I'm not even sure if you own these images or not.

    Animated Myspace Comments - If you think they're annoying, why are you giving them away?

    Neopets NR Layouts - You don't give the blog code... you just give the image code, which many people can do on their own. If you're going to offer them as layouts, at least have the code.

    Star Trek Icons/Gay Pride Icons/Celebrity & Words Icons - Group together please. And do you even own those Star Trek and celebrity pictures? If not, I suggest you get rid of them. And the gay pride icons flash by too fast...

    Blog Box Style Splatter Layouts - Celebrity images again. Tsk tsk. It would be cool if you remade these without the celebrity. They're nice without them.

    Gay Support Graphics - The code is screwed up here... I'm assuming this is your enter page code. You're missing the <div id="container">... and,. well, I don't know how to fix it. Maybe just get the other template for pages and paste your content in there.

    Onto the actual banners...

    The three first ones look so... what? Weird? What are these for, again? The tiny blinkies flash too much and are unreadable. And the rainbows get tiring after a while, but there's a way to not overuse them and it looks nice.

    Web Page Backgrounds - Meeehhh.... I dunno. At least they're not generic.

    Animated Banners - Again, if you think they're annoying, don't offer them.

    Blend Bases For You to Edit - More celebrities...

    Blends - What are these for, exactly?

    Welcome Signs - Even more celebrities...

    Emotes - Umm.... I don't get it. Maybe you should just ditch the code altogether.

    And finally, I'm done with the "goodies" section. :D

    Gah... the nudity. Can you put a warning first? But this section is all good. :)

    No comment. Except, do people really ask you these questions? Not that I think people don't... but most FAQs consist of random questions that probably were never asked.


    Scratch that. It's just a mailto: link. I reccomend you add a contact form, though. I'm assuming that since you post your email link everywhere, you don't mind spam, so a contact form will do.

    Wow, that was long.

    Between the freezing, the celebrities, random flashing, and bad coding, I managed to find a way to enjoy your site. You have useful content, but it's blocked by the splash page, bad code, etc. Get rid of the uneeded content, improve your code, and you'll do just fine. :D

    Good luck with your site!

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  2. [img: avatar]
    Mimi gave it ***-- on 7th Feb 2009 and said:

    Reviewed with:
    Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6 | 1440 x 900 Resolution| Windows Vista

    *tap dances* I haven't reviewed in a month or more so forgive my rustiness. :P Your screencap caught my eye so I decided to just go at it. So here we go!

    First Impression:

    I was like WOAH, that splash page is pretty cool looking. Ok no, really cool lookin'. ;) However, I'm not sure that it is necessary. I mean it does look cool but there is extra clicking involved and I am lazy as heck. In the early 90's when splash pages were THE THING, I used to use them as well. I guess I just have mixed feelings about your use of it. Then there is the whole issue that the splash page is utterly different from the rest of the pages.. I think it wold just be better without it.

    However, I do like the image so much that I would try and use it in the actual layout for all of the pages instead of what is happenin' now.


    Well for the main page it's XHTML and CSS valid but there isn't much there so I am going to check the rest out and say this sentence for absolutely no reason.. hehe!

    It looks like there was no effort for validation here at all which makes me say "NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!". Most of your errors derive from using <br> instead of <br /> , not using ALT tags and not closing your image tags which are the easiest things in the world to fix.

    I use a program called Editpad Lite when I code, it's wonderful. If you push Ctrl + F, it will bring up the search box. There you can search for <br> and then 'Find First', then in the box below type in <br /> and then click 'Replace All'. Voila, all of your <br>'s are now <br />'s! The only thing left is to remember when you type to use XHTML valid markings.

    As for the CSS there are only 3 errors that are easily fixed. The first error is on line 31 (with Editpad Lite you can jump to that line by pushing Ctrl + G!), where you are styling your underlines. It says border-bottom:1 px dashed #fcd91f;
    . You have a space between the 1 and the px, which is causing the error. Simply remove that space.

    The second and third are in this section:


    You need to add 'px' after the 500 to tell it what measurement you are using, otherwise it errors. Also, align: center; just doesn't exist, so you can remove that completely.

    When I look at your CSS, I see that it could be cut literally in half because you have SO MANY things repeated over and over and over that you only have to state ONCE! Let me explain.

    ALLLL OVER the place you have this:


    You only need to tell it ONE TIME, also you can shorten that up a BUNCH using CSS Shorthand. So at the top of your CSS document, add this:

    * {
    font: 9pt/16pt Georgia, serif;

    Now, in the rest of your document just remove ALL of these things:


    .. you won't need them anymore. I was sort of wondering why this was in your CSS? It takes up space that you don't want in your file:

    /* "Container" is a full page wrap and contains both "content" and "copy"
    "content" is the div for main content that's individual to each page
    "copy" is the copyright at the bottom of each page
    "blogsidebar" is only for the blog*/

    Did you maybe get it from a tutorial? Well, I would remove it because it's just a bunch of characters that make your load time slower. :(

    Now another thing I noticed is that you have font-weight:normal; everywhere. That isn't needed, so just take all of that out of your file.. The reason is that your font weight is already normal by default, so you are telling it to do something that it already does by itself anyway. The exception being if you had like, font-weight: bold; in the body section, then you would need it. However, that's not the case.

    The same exact thing is going on with you using: text-transform:none; everywhere. If you don't want underlines on your links you need text-transform:none;. Really there aren't many other uses for it, so take all of those out as well. :|

    I noticed that you have letter-spacing:1pt; up there in your body section.. Just add it to that other section I showed you earlier, making that section look like this now:

    * {
    font: 9pt/16pt Georgia, serif;
    letter-spacing: 1pt;

    Now anytime you are using letter-spacing: 1pt; anywhere else in your document, you can just get rid of it.

    To better explain, using * in your CSS document is pretty much saying "Use this for the entire page no matter what". So if you want something to remain the same all over, you can just use the asterisk to do so!

    Another few things I noticed were:

    - You are using 'pt' and 'px' for your font size and line heights. You should avoid using those for your font size for various reasons. Here is a nifty calculator that can help you change your font sizes from px to em: Px to Em Calculator. As for changing from Pt to Em, you can use this Conversion Chart.

    - Instead of using color:black;, try using color:#000;. Less characters in your coding equals faster loading times!

    - To help clean up your CSS, try running it through the CSS Cleaner! It will help you get rid of some of the junk in there.

    One last thing about the coding, if you have some time you should read up on Jem's Create a Tableless Layout article, since you are using tables in your layout still.


    Ok since I hit up on the whole splash page thing, I'll focus on the other stuff now. I really do like this design, let me say. I am a big fan on the internet and in real life of really bright and bold colors. :D I really love the simplicity of the setup on the "inside" pages.

    Here are my few nit-picks with the layout itself, because a review that is only praise is no review at all. *coughINSUBHAZEcough* :P

    - I like the yellow as the background color but using the same yellow on your name makes it hard to read. I think it's just that the yellow on the white isn't a very good contrast. Might I suggest a slightly darker shade of the same yellow for your name? You do want people to see your name, after all! :D

    - I find it a bit odd that there is a 100px margin on the right and left sides of your layout.. It's like a bunch of empty white space. I think that if you wanted a chunky margin like that on purpose that maybe you should reduce it to about 50px because right now it just looks slightly starved, for lack of better words.

    - This is more of a personal preference but I really dislike that font being used all over and I think it's way too small. I prefer sans-serif fonts over serif fonts, I think it's more modern and "with the times".

    - Your main content area is oh-so-small, and your text is all justified! That makes it so hard to read! Might I suggest that if you do decrease the right and left margins that you add that space to the main content area so it isn't so tiny and please, for the sake of everyone's eyes, don't justify your text. XD

    - I think the overall content area lacks the creativity you have shown on the splash page. What I mean here is that the headers are just big text. There is no use of design elements under the header and it looks a little strange. Oh well, excluding the footer area of course. Actually, I just clicked on the 'About' page and it's drastically different from the blog page. I think it looks better, much better. However, consistency is a thing that you should practice. I see so many different and random things here that I am slightly confused and lost, most visitors that feel this way would most likely leave.

    I see that you are offering Freelance design in the summer of '09. Please don't take offense to this but before you get paid to code, you should really learn how to code correctly. I mean no disrespect but in the actual field of web design, you really need to be able to create cross-compatible designs and without using proper coding this will be impossible to achieve. I am not saying that I am better than you either, so don't think that at all! I am nowhere NEAR skilled enough to actually offer my services for fees in my opinion. I do think you have an ultra creative flair though and this is also an important aspect of offering your services. This really sounds, er, "witchier" than I intend for it to be so when you read that paragraph, imagine it coming from a super sweet and innocent person that you can't help but love.. That's me! XP


    Since I am on the 'About' page, let's just start there! I think the exits are cryptic and should not be so. If you use someone else's resources you should state exactly what you got from whom. When you mix it with exit links it seems a little suspicious, but I am not saying you are thievin' or anything. If someone uses my downloads, I want them to tell what they used from me so others will know that it was MY creative mind that thought it up, not the site owners'. It's just a sneaky way to make it look like you may or may not have used stuff from others' websites.

    You seem to have a variety of goodies, but I still see some celebrity photos and other photos that might be copyrighted in them. I can tell you are obviously ridiculously creative (I'm jealous!!), so why not just get rid of that copyrighted crap and stick with your own designs? :D I won't lecture you on copyright laws because a lot of people on here already do and I am not here to lecture you until you get defensive, you know? I don't think that's a good approach. I actually used celebrity images and stuff until fairly recently! I'd say about 6 months ago I got rid of them? Well let me tell you what, I get SO much more respect now and it makes my site so much more unique, you know? It seems like everyyyyone uses celebrity images anymore, where is the fun in that?

    Also, just tonight I brushed up on the Neopets copyright policy and your Neopets goodies are also unfortunately being used illegally. :( I write this just in case you read the main page where I was talking about that. By the way, you should totally add me to your friend's list on Neopets because I am on the site about 8 hours a day or more and I am a total addict. XP My username is 'tehmiminator'. Whee!

    Your 'Basic CSS' tutorial is.. ack! I study CSS a lot and, well, perhaps you should brush up on it some more before offering a tutorial? I run into this a lot.. There are so many things that are wrong in the tutorial, I can't sit here and name them all specifically. Just a heads up and all. :S

    Oh yeah, magazine scans are also in the category of copyrighted materials. :(

    Oh, I just saw on your FAQ page that you don't play Neopets anymore. Shame! Nevermind about the friend request then. ;P

    Also on your FAQ page, the whole making a textarea for code thing is bad. Bad bad! Please see Jemmy's Showing Code on Your Webpage article.

    Final Thoughts:

    You are SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOSOOO (x1122564135) creative and I simply adore the things that you made without all the illegal materials. I think you should work with that more than relying on what everyone else is doing, you know?

    I am going to give you a 3 our of 5, which is actually pretty high for me, just because I can see that you are quite creative and you do have the capability of working with your own materials. However, your coding needs some major help and well there are still naughty copyrighted images all over your goodies section. Hope I could be of some use! :)

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    INSUBHAZE gave it ***** on 16th Jan 2009 and said:


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    Greykitty gave it ****- on 11th Jan 2009 and said:

    The first page it looks nice, you did a very good job with the vector, I really like how the hair flows and whatnot. The way you incorporated words into it also is neat, but the colors you used hurt my eyes. I don't really like looking at it for more than a minute or two because after a while my eyes start to go 'whoa'.

    Moving on to the blog page, it's nice, but I don't much like left or right aligned layouts. I really would suggest centering it just for those who have larger screen resolutions aren't stuck with a really lopsided screen. Right now I see a ton of yellow off to the right and it's not that nice of a yellow to be honest.
    It is neatly organized though. The colors are not really something I would choose to work with. The brown white and yellow would have worked ok but adding in the red/pink kind of clashes in my opinion. Like your first page.

    Holy moo cow you have a lot of 'goodies' again layout looks ok except for the pink and yellow combo, but I dunno why you don't keep a consistent layout with a navigation. As it is I gotta keep hitting the back button which gets old fast.
    I found it near the bottom, which is a bit of a pain too because if you don't scroll down all the way you won't find it and usually the links at the bottom of the page are ignored. Well at least I usually ignore them because it's usually copyright info, contact links, and FAQs that go down there.

    I'm not a fan of making all the text in lowercase. I find it makes things harder to read, and in this case I think you could use more line spacing between your links. Maybe add a list property to them so that they have a dot or something in front of each one to break them up a bit more or bold them.

    I like that on your About page you have the links for each section highlighted, and you made it into a list with those spiffy little arrow. Maybe apply the same idea to your 'goodies' page.

    In your coding I noticed you have two separate style sheets, and you still have css elements in your pages even with two style sheets. You should try to pull ALL the elements out of your content and put them into one style sheet.
    Like in one of your divs you still have

    <div style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;">

    You already show you know how to code just fine so it should be easy for you to find those things and pull them out.
    On your me.php page you have a bunch of link codes that are not filled in, I don't know if these are just a place holder but since they really don't serve any purpose as far as I can see I would dump them since they just take up space.

    Reading your about page you say your site should have valid XHTML but running the validator I came up with 77 errors on your about page alone. Check it out here.

    I was going to run your css through the css checker but the only page I could run it on was the main index, every time I tried your other pages the server timed out.
    Anyways I'm done talking about the layout.

    Egads you have so much content I don't know where to start with it all. I browsed quickly through your brushes and they very nice, as do the textures. I have yet to see magazine scan sections on any other site so that was unique to see. Though it would be totally awesome if you would make thumbnails for each of those images to cut down on the long load time the page has.

    Your tutorials are pretty nice, some of these effects I have never seen tutorials on so it was nice to see those! You make them easy to follow and I really like that you have image examples to go with your text. Nice to see a small section on Paint too, it'd be nice to see a few more tutorials there.

    Your paint bgs took eons to load though and bogged my browser badly. I would really suggest making all of those images into thumbnails just so people can have the page load quickly. Same goes for your MS Paint brushes. Your colorize page was nice to see that you had linked but it would have been better in my opinion if you had made thumbnails so that the viewer has an inkling of what the image they are about to see is of. PNGs are ok, but I would avoid all the celeb images and I'm not sure why all of them have a neon green background, maybe it's because you have re sized them for the page. Here again I would make thumbnails so the page doesn't take so long to load. There are still people out there using dial up, so I can't imagine how long it would take for this page to load in that.
    Some of your textures did not show up and redirected me to the index page. I won't go on anymore about thumbnails...I'm sure you sick of me saying that by now. lol

    Your html tutorials are 'ok' but I have seen better ones out there that have cleaner coding in the css department. I would either suggest revising or just removing them entirely. You don't really explain either how to actually link to an external style sheet or where you would insert the css if not using an external style sheet.

    I am not at all interested in neopets so I just kind of skimmed over that section it looks nice enough. Like the rest of your photoshop/paint tutorials they are easy to follow.

    Whew finally to the last section! Just browsing your graphics quickly since I already know you are quite capable of making some very nice ones. I haven't really much to say about these.
    I gotta say I do love Star Trek so it was nice to see some graphics of it, but as I usually harp on it, copyrighted content is usually a no no when it comes to graphic sites. I'd try to steer clear of using any copyrighted images.

    OK so I am finally through your visitor content, and looking at the blog.
    It's nice, it's simple, and you have good updates and blog from time to time on more than just everyday goings ons. Which is great to see. It keeps things interesting.

    Your about page, I like your anchor links. I use the same on mine...but that's not why I like them. LOL It just makes browsing so much easier. Your about info is nice, pretty complete, would be kinda nice to see some of your likes and dislikes tossed up there, but it's fine the way it is too.

    Now to tackle your last section, Portfolio! I love looking at art galleries. Anyways starting off I would like to mention it would be nice if you had more of a gallery type layout for this to cut down on page loading time and just to keep the page shorter. Find a nice script for all your images so you don't have to make every thumbnail by hand, and it'll also organize your gallery too so you don't have to do it the hard way.
    Your digital art is nice, I really liked the one with the dinosaurs. I also really like 'clovers' the colors look very nice and I like the over all effect you have with it the swirly background and all. Your untitled pastel piece has some really nice contrast to it, great to see.

    You have a nice site, I'm not real big on the inconsistent layout and the color scheme but it's not badly done, more a personal preference I guess. You are very talented with graphics and drawing. Suggestions, make more thumbnails, create some galleries, double check your coding with W3C and clean up your content code styling and put it all into one style sheet. I am really impressed by the amount of visitor content you have though. I give you a four for all that content!
    Keep up your good work and good luck in the future with your goals, schooling, and site!

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  5. [img: avatar]
    Frisby gave it ****- on 11th Jan 2009 and said:

    The first thing that I notice is that the home page is very...solid and intense. The colors are very warm and saturated, and I'm not too fond of bright yellow and pink, nor am I especially fond of the contrast between the detailed face and solid hair. Nonetheless, it appears that a lot of effort was put into the layout, and so I think I won't count against your rating very much. I also like how the links work. Good job.

    Upon entering the site it seems pretty well done, I like the hair in the header...That sounds pretty odd though. x3 I also like the askewness of the domain at the top. The layout seems a bit open though, and it feels like there isn't anything holding back the content from spilling into the yellow. If you added a shadow or something there to show the separation, I think it would improve the layout.
    Another thing that I then realized, is that although there are links from one section of the site to another at the bottom, the only obvious way to navigate is to return to the homepage and select the branch you want to look at, which results in unnecessary page loadage.

    Both the blog and goodies sections look pretty good as far as content goes. The tutorials seem to be well made, so good job with that, and my only complaint is that the layout previews take a while to load.

    The portfolio page seemed a bit inappropriate when jumbled in with neopets stuff, so maybe you want to put a notice at the top or something regarding that.
    You've got a nice about page too.

    Overall, you're site is pretty good. I'd work on the intensity of the front page, and accessibility of navigation as two of the biggest things to fix. Good job!

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  6. [img: avatar]
    Skylines gave it ***** on 10th Jan 2009 and said:

    Before even opening your site I thought wow o.o

    Everything about this layout is amazing, I love the writing coming of the strands of hair and I love the shade of pink you've used. I do agree that the background is a little blinding though. Your layout shows creativity and uniqueness so so far I'm impressed.

    I like how after you've clicked on a link, even though it doesn't show the layout any more, I like how you've continued on with the colours. It shows professionalism because most likely anyone else would have started over with a new layout all together.

    You have more content than I expected, I'll admit that.

    Brushes: most of these I really like but some don't really compare to the quality of your other content and some look pretty similar. Other than that though, most of these are really good.

    Textures: If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't really like these. I'd only use about three off there.

    Magazine Scans: Takes a while to load. Maybe make the thumbnails smaller?

    I wont review your photoshop or paint tutorials, because I have no experience in that area. The most I use paint for is for screen shots heh. Looking at your paint tutorials, you have achieved some really great effects.

    All I'm really going to suggest is using code over textarea. Jem has a tutorial/article on it here:

    I really do think you should state that some of the content in your portfolio needs a warning that it may not be suitable for all ages.

    I know I haven't reviewed your about pages but I don't exactly have a lot of time. From what I've looked at, you're site is really good and I have no real problems with anything other than what I said about your portfolio having a warning.

    Defiantly bookmarking your site though!

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  7. Kathrin gave it ****- on 5th Jan 2009 and said:

    The first impression I got from your site was - "originality". I didn't notice the text in the hair right away, which made it all the better when I did notice it. However, I would tone down the yellow just a tid-bit. It is horribly distracting. Especially on your other pages, such as the "blog" page. It pulls my attention away from the content. I wish the two "layouts" were a bit more "connected".

    I find the portfolio a bit cluttered. Also, I think you maybe should note that some of the content is only for adult viewers somewhere - others might be offended. I do like the huge selection of different styles you have there :-).

    The goodies page might need to be cleaned up a little. While I love all your tutorials (detailed, original & easy to follow), some of the graphics are no longer up to your quality. For example, the gay pride icons. Also, maybe split the MS Paint brushes onto even more pages - the pages are very full.

    Your blog is very nice - I enjoyed reading it. Not only do you state a current problem, but you actually offer *several* methods to work against the problem. This is a LOT more productive than just complaining. So thank you for that.

    I also like your general wide selection - you don't lock yourself into just "one" topic - instead, you breach over several pages. What I think would be nice is a "read" about your different views and what lead you to make special types of graphics (for example gay pride).

    I enjoyed visiting your site and it is quite helpful. Definatly keep up the great work :-)

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  8. sassa12489 gave it **--- on 4th Jan 2009 and said:

    Viewed in: Safari
    First impression: Different. I like it. I like how it’s at the bottom. However, I absolutely hate the colors with a passion. Yellow and pink to me make a sick combination. My favorite part of this layout however is the strands of hair with text. I love your creativity.
    Blog: Whoa. Ehrm. I prefer the other layout. Why do you have two different ones?
    Hm…it seems that your main layout is only viewable on the very first page. That’s sad, because it’s so cool.
    Goodies: Looks like lots to do. You have tons of stuff. Nice. Just glancing through your tutorials and I’m pleased to see so many pictures. Very nice. Pictures are very helpful. Your basics about css is very helpful. Very easy to understand. Wish I went to your site when I was converting from iframes. Very helpful.
    Brushes: I think it’s time you went through your brushes and deleted the ugly ones because there’s quite a few. There’s also quite a few good ones (fun with lines, grunge) that are good and that you should keep. Quality over quantity.
    Textures: After texture2.jpeg, I’d delete them. They’re pretty bad compared with your graphic skills and other resources.
    Scans: The page loads slow because you just sized down the images. Make them into thumbnails. I’m too scared to click the other pages because of it. And maybe make 100x100 thumbnails or something. They are very good and useful. Might come back and use some.
    PNG’s: I don’t know how useful these will be considering most don’t use MS Paint but hey, some do so they’re helpful to someone.
    I’m seeing with your MS Paint graphics that they’re all together not good so I’d say remove them. It looks like your just want to have stuff on your site so that’s why they’re there. Eventhough you’re using another image editing program, ask yourself, would you use them?
    I don’t know how I feel about your forum sets. I don’t belong to any so I won’t comment. Friends only banners are pretty bad. Don’t like the Myspace content and you spelled Saturday wrong on one of your glitters. Skipping neopets because I don’t know much about it.
    The icons are kind of nice. My favorites consists of the seven of nine. Those are nice.
    Gay Pride: Some of the icons are good, some are really bad. Just go through and delete a few.
    Celeb/Words: Some of these are really good but the farther down you go, the worse they get. I think you should write tutorials on how you got your icons to be animated like the pills one or such. Always wanted to do something like that, no idea how though. I know I’m not the only either ;D
    Box layouts: the Avril layout’s kind of cool. It kind of shows off her personality. Don’t like the Keanu one though.
    Your gay pride support page is blank. Your webpage backgrounds are okay.
    I’m guessing your banners are myspace oriented.
    The blends arent that good. The last one’s the best.
    Your welcome signs are a bit pointless I think. People like stuff to match so I’m guessing they’ll want welcome signs to match their layouts. Splash pages have really become things of the past too.
    Your emotes are okay. Not very high quality though.

    Final notes: Your site’s a bit of a letdown. The layout is exciting but you really need to go through and delete the old stuff. It's clear you have improved alot graphically and I read the part where you mention that the stuff is old but I think your content should reflect the depth of your knowledge. For example, your tutorials are good. I don't see the same quality reflected in your graphics.

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  9. [img: avatar]
    miaWithLove gave it ***** on 4th Jan 2009 and said:

    UPDATED 04 Jan 09:
    First Impression: When I first clicked your link I thought, I love it! The colors you choose really pop and the vector you did is really nice. Plus, the links made me curious as to what would happen if I clicked them.
    All in all, First Impression gets a 5/5

    Layout: Your design is simple, yet not boring. This is probably because of the exciting colors that have been used. The HTML/CSS that you used is simple, like your layout, but also works pretty well. Your blogs are easy to read, and don't look cluttered.

    Blog: You use good grammar and have interesting things to say, but the one thing I don't like is that I can't find the date you made the blogs. I think most people like to know what date each blog was made because it helps them tell rather or not the person was active and how many day's ago a certain blog was made (so they know if they should comment). I think the date is an important part of any blog

    Content: Your website is practically overflowing with resources. You have tutorials from a wide range of programs, most are very easy to follow and well thought out. You also have lots of pre-made graphics, which is a must resource site like yours, and most of them are actually things people can use! Though with most of the pre-made stuff, it's not the most stellar work I've ever seen, you still have heaps of it, and some of it is very useful.
    Content: 4.5/5

    Overall: Visiting you site was a pleasant experience, the layout is beautiful, the blog was interesting, the content was plentiful, it's clear you put a lot of work into it! The only thing that really urked me was no dates on your blog! If it wasn't for that I probably would have given you a perfect score ;D
    Overall: 4.5/5

    Using Firefox on Linux | Report This?

  10. [img: avatar]
    retrocrash gave it ***** on 3rd Jan 2009 and said:

    First thing I noticed when I came across your site were the colors! I love colors, so I think it's great, but for people with a notebook/laptop (they usually have brighter screens), it was a bit to flashy. Maybe you could have used the same colors only than pastel teints or whatsover. I like the retro parts of it though, plus I like the unique style of it a lot. So for the design itself I could give you all 5 stars for originality.

    Your blogs are interesting, and again very unique, you blog different than the rest and that's good. I'm not sure if it will interest everyone though..

    I love that you have, again, also unique content. Like the Gay pride pictures, who would ever think of that? Well you do :D You have lots of content, and the most content is content you rarely see on other sites, and it's also very useable, that makes your visitors come back :) Your tutorials are also clear enough to follow them to get a nice result, but the photoshop tutorials are kinda basic, maybe a suggestion to add some tutorials about how you've made your layout? One question: Why did you made a brushes page, and a 'more brushes' page? Wouldn't it be better if you just made a page with a link on the same page? I love that you have MS Paint resources, I don't really know if they'll be used, most webdesigners probably have a program such as Gimp, Photoshop or PSP.

    Your portfolio shows that you put time in your website and designing, everything is very completed, perfect. I like the description behind it so you can see why you've made it or for who. I really like the black and white one.

    It's nice you put a photograph in your about section, so we can get to know you ^^ Your about section is also very clear, there's enough information about the artist, about the site.

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  11. [img: avatar]
    phasts gave it ***** on 3rd Jan 2009 and said:

    I also use firefox.

    I love the colors! I think they look perfect. They're a not-so-often scheme, but they work well together and pop! I'm on the brightest monitor settings, and I have no problem with them at all. The design itself is also beautiful. I love how the content pages and the initial page are different yet fit in the same theme. Overall, well done with the design!

    Your blog is very well written. Not only does it look classy and professional, but it is written in similar fashion. You write about things of importance and it doesn't seem like the typical blog. Just be sure to write in a fashion that keeps the reader's interest. Don't let yourself ever get dull, which it seems like rarely, but sometimes, happens.

    You have a CRAPLOAD of content. I'm very impressed. You must have put a lot of time into all that, and it clearly shows. There's a lot of useful stuff here, and I'm not gonna lie, after I'm done typing this, I'm going to check out some of those tutorials!! Also, the pre-made downloads are of very high caliber!

    Your portfolio shows a wide range of talent. Thank you for not just going in one direction, or dividing things too much, because showing all of the contrasting pieces on one page works very well. Overall, very impressive.

    Although the about section has a very well-done bio, it would be nice of you to have even more information about yourself. All of your other pages are SO VERY detailed, so try to let the site dwell more into your personal life for us!

    In conclusion, You have a lot of talent and a very original looking website. Keep up the great, and professional work! Be sure to not let the professionalism take away from your personality, and definitely don't let it make things get dull. Remember to have fun with your site!

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  12. [img: avatar]
    Natalie gave it ****- on 3rd Jan 2009 and said:

    (I use firefox)

    Cute site name I must admit but... The bright yellow and bright red on the front page does hurt my eyes. Tone it down a little?

    On to your blog. Wow, finally a blog that talks an issue that need to be heard, I did not know about mountaintop removal until now. The little twitter thing and your previous blogs are also good :D

    Wow lots of content! How long have been working on this site, because the content is plentyful as well as helpful.

    Okay, your portfolio does show a wide range of your skills which is great, some of it I would not recommend to anyone under my age as immature people might complain.

    The about section is good, it tells about you and sort of gives you a face, letting veiwers know you are not a robot.

    Overall your site is good and helpful. I hope you continue expanding your knoledge seeing as you study practially everything

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