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Bad Obsession is my online playground that includes my blog and some visitor content.

I'm open criticism on just about anything- layout, organization, visitor content, coding- whatever you've got. ;)

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  1. mark gave it ***** on 9th Apr 2009 and said:

    at first glance, I loved the site! i love the theme because its simple. The crinkled up paper as the background is a nice touch, it adds a little pizaz to the site, while maintaining the simpleness! i love how you did the navigation and header. It looks almost like you drew on the paper in pen, very creative! my suggestions woudl be to change your line height on your text. It's a little too close and jumbled together its a bit distracting to read. awesome content! i love the brushes and textures, i will make sure to come back if i need any! hehe

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  2. [img: avatar]
    farahonfire gave it ***** on 23rd Feb 2009 and said:

    Hi, Eka - I'm Farah, and I'll be reviewing your site today (: Just so you know, I'm a complete nitpick about spelling and grammar, so be prepared for your sentences to be picked to pieces! I won't even look at your coding, though - that's not my thing at all. So, with that stated, I'll get started!

    I really like the image - the guitar looks awesome, and I love the colors. However, I think it'd look better if it were centered instead of off to the left. Also, I think your background color's a little bland - maybe you could change it to a lighter shade of that pinky-red, or even the yellowish color in the guitar? I think it would look a lot better than the bland brownish-gray color you have now. And one last thing - a border around the picture of the guitar would be nice, just so it's not so... floating in space, if that makes any sense. (:
    Your text needs a little bit of padding, and your line height's just a little small, so I would suggest increasing both of those. Also, in your... sidebar thingy, I think the header fonts should be just a little bigger. And also, there's a spelling mistake in your sidebar-like thing: "witout Paint Shop Pro." should be "without Paint Shop Pro." And that's it about your layout, lmfao.

    I don't like how you have this organized - I think you should have a main page, and have the other lines going off that page. Many visitors don't like going through several pages to get to what they want, myself included.
    Anyways, onto Autobiography! I like how you have this organized (sort of the same way I have mine organized, incidentally), although I think the squiggly dash thing after "Hair: Brown and Wavy~" is supposed to be an exclamation point!
    "I was born in New York. Not the city, or the ghetto or what have you- in the suburbs of Long Island." would be better as "I was born in New York - not in the city or the ghetto or whatever, but in the suburbs of Long Island." Also: "And let me tell you- it’s not all it’s cracked up to be." should be "And let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be." And one last thing: "My beleifs? I’m atheist." should be "My beliefs? I'm atheist." And that's it - I have no more issues with this section. (:

    I love your What I Rock Out To page - first of all, you have great taste in music (same as my dad's, and my dad has amazing taste in music, haha. And somewhat-ish the same as mine, but not really. I do love Aerosmith, though!) and second of all, I love how you chose a few of your favorite artists and described why you like them - kudos xinfinty for that! Just one thing: in your section about Van Halen, "They started out with their Radio-friendly debut album...", radio shouldn't be capitalized.

    And just thought I'd mention: POISON?! NOOO! *runs screaming for the hills* Sorry, I just had to get that in. I really dislike Poison. ^_^

    I have nothing to say about this section - I don't use brushes, textures, or PSP scripts, so I can't really say anything about them. Sorry!

    Anyways, as with your "Self" pages, I don't like how you have this organized. Have a main page, and then links going off of that!
    I like how you've written this (: Your writing style makes me want to read more, honestly. (And the part with the old ladies and the cats makes me LOL, haha. "Shmuggy." Classic...) Although " Later, I joined BlogRing, a community dedicated to Xanga- with layouts, hacks, scripts, all kinds of stuff." should be " Later, I joined BlogRing, a community dedicated to Xanga, with layouts, hacks, scripts, all kinds of stuff."
    "The first two subdomains I had didn’t last long, as my hosts sites both dropped like flies." = "The first two subdomains I had didn’t last long, as my hosts' sites both dropped like flies." Why did they drop like flies? And for the record, what were they?
    "It works just Dandy" = "It works just dandy."

    Your Affiliates page is alright, although maybe you have a few too may requirements for affiliates? (As opposed to my 0 requirements for affiliation, haha. So I guess I'm not really one to talk.) I'm just saying, you know, although they're all reasonable requirements, so that's no biggie.

    I love how you've done the Credits page - I think it's nice that you've added a small description for each link instead of just listing them! (:

    Uh, surprising much? A warning that we're being taken to a new page would be nice. That said, I like this layout, and lol@the name - Platypus Foot! Hahaha. How did you ever come up with that? It's just so... random. And funny. (:

    I don't think you should put up links for things that you don't have up yet! So get rid of those crossed out links. (: I love your digital manipulations, though; you've definitely got talent! Keep adding more as you go along - people would like to see more than four! But you know, make sure they're good - quality, not quantity and all that! (Okay, I'm starting to sound like... something I don't want to sound like. I'm going to stop giving lame advice now. xD)

    I love your web design templates! They're all so... creative! I love all of them, but especially the one with the big colored splotch thing, and the one with the bird. Maybe you could have a full-page preview, and mention whether they're up for grabs, as it were. If they're available for people to use, you should have the coding offered, or a paragraph telling people how to contact you if they want to use one. Just so your visitors know, because I know for sure that if I didn't already have a layout, I'd want to use one of them. They really are very nice.

    I love your site, no joke. The only improvements I can think to make are changing your background color and header size, fixing up a few minor grammar errors, and putting some things on main pages instead of making people click past several pages to get to some things. I love how your love for music shone throughout this whole site, and if you keep adding more things, I'd definitely want to come back! (:

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    Eka's Response:

    Thanks for the review! :)
    I'll have to change the organization up a bit, a lot of people have been mentioning that. And all of those grammatical errors! I never would have caught those!

    And I have to laugh about Poison! I never really liked them either, but a few years ago, my brother went through this phase where he was listening to them constantly, and their songs just kind of grew on me. I guess you could say their a guilty pleasure. xP

  3. avja gave it ****- on 19th Feb 2009 and said:

    Hi, i think the layout is very imaginative, i think maybe a few more colors would be beneficial, but don't go too mad, i mean, the layout at the moment is good it just needs to be a little more organized, you see, if somebody goes onto a messy website they will just go right back off it. for example, if you go to someone's house and it was messy or if you got in their car and it smelt bad, you wouldn't really want to spend too much time in there, so i think you need to clean it up a little, maybe separating each section to different pages, like blog on one page and personal details on another, this way people will be able to see exactly what they are looking for even if you have an opening splash screen to allow people to go directly to your blog or any other section.

    Hope this is helpful, good luck! your doing great! :)

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  4. [img: avatar]
    immortalkiss gave it **--- on 19th Feb 2009 and said:

    I'm Stephanie and I'll be reviewing your site. hope that you find my review helpful.

    I'm Giving this site a rating of 2 Because...
    First impressions / Layout:
    the layout looks a bit to uneven to me =/
    a bit too plain needs more color.
    Navingation Okay , easy to find your way around
    on a good note ,
    The domain is short,simple witch is perfect.

    A bit disappointing =/ a few resources and no tutorials that i can see =/ definitely need more, in the long run it will persuades your visitors to come back and in the end help your site get many views, it does not have to to be much but some always helps.

    Need the layout sorting. You just need to work on your content and try and be a lot more creative with your colors, Other than that your site looks decent .

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  5. daNNiiil0vee gave it ***** on 18th Feb 2009 and said:

    Hey, I'm Danielle and I'll be reviewing your site today. I am using Internet Explorer, not sure what version, and I have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Now, let's get down to business!

    First Impression
    Oh, dear God. They layout is aligned to the side, and takes up the whole screen. I feel bad for anyone who is using a smaller screen resolution, because scrolling left and right is NOT fun. Trust me.

    Honestly, I don't have a problem with layouts that are the width of the screen, or very close to it anyway. It's just this one that bothers me. The header image is aligned to the right, which is really starting to get on my nerves. It should be in the center, and a lot wider. At least it's valid in XHTML and CSS, I still have to check for broken links, but I'll do that while I'm browsing your content.

    So far, I don't like what I see. I would prefer tha you have a little bit about yourself on the "self" page and then have a "more?" link, and the other things below that. I've found a grammatical error already, "in the ghetto or what have you". It just doesn't make sense, "what have you," I'm not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean, but I'm guessing it should read "in the ghetto or whatever you call it." I see that you have a few hyphens throughout this, and those should be changed to commas. Obviously, don't change the ones listing the different chapters and sections of homework assignments, because that is correct. Also, "Yea." should be "Yeah." Whoo, Metallica!!! I see no other errors here, so I'm done with this section. On to the visitor content.

    The textures just leave me speechless. I absolutely love them. My only suggestion is to have all the textures on one page and use the headings to seperate them into different categories. The brushes are amazing, a few of them are the generics, but overall they are fabulous. What is the .rar format? What program is it used in? You should image packs for anyone who uses a different program. I really like the PSP scripts, too bad I use Photoshop. Hmm. You should add more content.

    Again, have a short description of the site, then have a "read more" link with the other links below that. LOL, "Shmuggy!" I'm that is what an old lady would call their cat. Or old ladies on Spongebob would call their snails. Grammatical error: "I perused that layouts" should be changed to "I pursued the layouts." I think that's what you're trying to say anyway. Nothing really to review about affiliates. Good thing you have credits.

    Platypus Foot! LOL. Cute name. Whoa, you are VERY graphically talented. Your website templated are amazing, too. Oh my God, I wish I was that good!

    In conclusion, your site is AMAZING!! By the end, I had completely forgotten that I don't like the layout. All your great content made up for it. I just have a few suggestions:

    -Get a layout that doesn't have the header to the side
    -Add more content
    -Fix the two or three grammatical errors
    -Do the little description and then "read more" that I suggested for your "self" and "site" pages

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  6. PREA gave it ****- on 17th Feb 2009 and said:

    I loved the site. I am betting that the site reflects your personal image, beliefs, attitude, etc. Minor changes with some bad headers and some new titles to the page. You go girl...nice site.

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  7. Olivia gave it ****- on 17th Feb 2009 and said:

    Hi Eka :) I'm Olivia, and I picked your site at random to review, so here goes.

    First Impressions

    Ooh, a lovely interesting personal site. I like the look you're pulling off here. I'm not a designer but I do admire your use of one image. The simplicity works, but perhaps this look could be twisted in to something a little more exciting - you seem very rockish, and perhaps your layout could reflect your passion for music a bit more. I like the little four boxes beneath the guitar - setting it out like that really gets the information across nicely :)

    Haha, I like your party list! Gasp! Batman SO has to come! Oh, and Gwen, and Paris and.. yeap. Anyway, you have neat little blogs of interest :)


    Hmm four links - I know that the first one has got all the information in, but why am I put off by clicking it? Ah, I know! 'Autobiography'. It may just be me, but there's something about this link being called an 'autobiography' that really makes me think as soon as I click this link I'll be bored to death with a reaallly long piece of writing about yourself. Clicking on it... ahah! The nice facts then text structure. Phew! *Wipes brow* I thought there might have been too much text there!

    But no, this is set out perfectly, even if the title 'autobiography' put me off. The little sentance, the facts, then the detail is ideal for visitors to level for themselves how much they want to know about you - a few facts, or the whole lifestory. What you've written here is great, but even more detail would be even better. Use this personal site's about page for inspiration on your 'about me' section.

    'What I Rock Out To' is fantastic! You're obviously so passionate about music and that shows through retaining from horrible lists of favourite bands. Kudos to this page, there should be more like these on personal sites.

    'Interrogate Me' isn't used up to it's full potential and if more people asked some fun and interesting questions this section could be a good read. Contact = form = nice!


    I must say I'm a little bit disappointed to click this and see links of Textures, Brushes and PSP scripts. I know you're into design but how fantastic would it be if you kept this section themed to your big passion of music? Hmm. Would have to think about that one.

    Ooh, your grunge textures stood out for me. I'd use them. These are nice. Your brushes and PSP scripts seem very unique as well, which is very pleasing, plus I love that you linked all the images you used.


    Haha, I like your style of writing, it makes me laugh! :) 'About' is a nice page. You explain the name nicely (I did wonder why your site was a 'bad' obsession since being so passionate about music is obviously good!). Wow, you have a lot of rules for affiliates. It's also a shame that you have to ask your affiliate applicatiants to tell them about themselves and their site, because it means people have probably just sent you a link and their email before, without being personal?

    At first I thought 'Credits' could be mixed in with 'About' as clicking all these seperate links to get to the text is a tad annoying. But seeing how many people you have to credit changes that! Your little descriptions of all your credits is smashing, and really adds that personal touch, don't you think?

    Ooh, clicking on 'Portfolio' was refreshing! I'd like to see this grow. Your website designs are stunning by the way.

    Final Comments

    What a lovely personal site. Your passion for music certainly helps the site stand out but I still think you could play upon it even more, creating visitor content for music fans like yourself. Your visitor content at the moment being graphic-type content for me is so samey as I've seen it all before. You do however have a unique sense of style on all your work. Why not incorporate all your graphic content into your portfolio and then build upon more personal information and content such as gig photos, lyrics, heck, even an essay on why you think the best band in the world is the best! I love the potential in the Portfolio section too :) I hope my suggestions have helped!

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    Eka's Response:

    I really enjoyed reading your review! It was very helpful! I'm definitely going to work on your suggestions! :D

  8. [img: avatar]
    Unloadeed gave it ***** on 16th Feb 2009 and said:

    Hello, My Name is Amanda and I will be reviewing your site. I am using Google Chrome on 1280x700 resolution. Before I begin please know that this review is based on my opinion and I hope you take into consideration what I say and hope to help make your site better.

    When I Enter
    So I really like the style of your layout. It is very original. I don't really have anything to say on the layout. I really like how you did the navigation and set everything up. The name is very catching. Is it nice and easy to remember and something that would stick into my head.

    In your Autobiography, you have explained yourself quite well. I am glade to see that you wrote a good amount about yourself. You have also listed some general facts which is also good.
    Listing the band you like is not something I have ever seen before. I think it is a good idea but I don't think you should list all the bands you like. If you did that it might get too long and be a bit overwhelming. You should simply keep it to a few of your favorite bands.
    The Questions is nice. I see that is where people can just ask any questions and it's posted. I think it is very helpful for anyone who wants to know something.

    You have some really nice textures. I would defiantly use them. Your brushes are also very nice and look very useful. The scripts also look nice. I would suggest maybe have a tutorial on how to use the brushes and scripts in the .rar format for those who do not know.

    The about tell a lot about that site. It does not leave many questions which is very good. It is good to have a separate page with all your affies and with a way to apply.

    I think you have a really potential site. I do not give 5 stars because I always think there is room for improvement. Good Luck with your site.

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    Eka's Response:

    Thanks for the review! :D
    I'm really passionate about music, so I try to be more elaborate about what I listen to rather than just listing them. I'll try not to get too carried away though. xP
    Thanks for pointing out the .RAR thing. I used to have a tutorial for it, but my site moved and I lost it. I'll have to redo it soon. ;)

  9. [img: avatar]
    zai gave it ****- on 16th Feb 2009 and said:

    I like the simplistic layout and the general setup of Bad Obsession. The guitar image is cool, and I like the neon blue glow-y effect.

    I think the layout would look much better completely centered instead of stuck on the extreme left of the page.

    Furthermore, the title of your website should be put in a more prominent place to stand out. Perhaps even give it a neon blue background to tie it into the colour scheme, just to make it stand out more. And linking the title to your front page would be helpful too.

    I'd also add extra padding to your entry headings and sidebar headings with the black background. Some of the words inside them are too close to the edge.

    The styling of the links on your self, visitor and site pages is cool :D

    Overall you've got a lovely site here. Keep it up! :)

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    Eka's Response:

    Thanks for the review! I've added padding to the headers, and it looks so much better! :)

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