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Blog/Graphics/Tutorials/Resources/n site! Just wanted to see what you thought after revamp No. 2!

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    reeshas gave it ***-- on 15th Apr 2009 and said:

    The site name is really neat, I know there’s another sweet sugar site but its plain creepy this one I like because it seems to have gothic properties. I’m a fan of gothic art. The heading is neat and so is the square with all the links. It’s funny how it says Please describe this image xD this site says I’m still developing, so don’t judge me too harshly yet. Which I will try not to. The straight line menu is working out great with the layout structure, it’s very organized and I like font size. You’re hover links too are great!

    Home: blah, main page again xD

    Site: you don’t have a lot to say about yourself, neither do I, I don’t like to talk about myself too much, most people don’t really care about the owner, just the site content, which is fine because I don’t want to give out too much info about myself on here. It would be neat if your bolded font was in a different color so it didn’t look so crowded on that page you know, and try to add some space from your content and the bottom, it just annoys me to have that last line touch the bottom window..ewww. Looks bad is all to me. Your contact page is so simple! Very nice, would it hurt to add in a backup plan, like an email or something in case the form doesn’t work or something happens. Again, the credits page is at the bottom very bad, that link looks uneven and just out of place with no space there at the bottom to cushion the site content. I really like your link back buttons, so neat and pretty! It’s strange that you haven’t made any banners for your own site, and you have other people that made them for you. It’s very strange but who am I to judge, they’re nice and you credited them. Past layouts page is fine, you actually have live demos for these! The way you listed this sections links are odd, a good flow of links would be: about the owner, about the site, past layouts, link back, contact, and lastly: credits.

    Graphics: your backgrounds are mostly the same except they just have color changes which anyone can alter, and these are commonly found backgrounds, rainbows aren’t that great for the eyes so consider different types of backgrounds, same goes for cursors. No problem on the blinkies, I like how your enter signs are different; the pink one is really nice! First time I’ve seen someone offer exploding graphics. Your glitters page is cool; add more variety in the future. For icons, you don’t need to have a code for them, just right click and save, or copy and paste. Icons are normally just presented as images, because once you have like 100 icons, it’s going to get crowded and confusing. I don’t know what lookups are… some layout or something. Why isn’t it under website layouts? I thought scribbles were PNG images done with lines; this is more like a bunny banner. I’m not sure who would actually use song glitters but ok! I like your wallpapers section but 1000 x 1000 isn’t a computer or any screen size that I know of. You should just do the basic 1024 x 768 size because that 800 x 600 can shrink it, but sizes like 1440 x 900 can’t really use those anyways because the image dimensions won’t every match up with 1024 by 786. It’s a win lose situation unless you offer different sizes right there. But that 1000x1000 kind of made me really question what were you thinking when you came up with that size. The layouts page is nice and clean. You should provide some information about the layout on the side to give us a better idea of that design. Who is Lavender? I have no idea who this is but it keeps saying by lavender. Some made up friend or a staff member, if so, where is she? I didn’t find anything on her on the Site section.

    Resources: I like the quality of your brushes and buttons, never really know what people use color palettes for xD. Oh well. I like the hover links and the textures ehhh, looks like a broken tv set theme going on. So overall, resources page is alright.

    Tutorials: you have very well written and detailed tutorials both on Photoshop and paint. Well done!

    Fun: ehh the contests page is confusing and all that white font gets me lost really fast. It’s all on one page you could space it out a bit. The quiz is kind of strange, patterens? xD most of the polls are about Sugar that’s all I see when I scroll down. And then the age and pet question, ask more interesting questions if you’re going to do polls. Don’t ask boring old common questions, and try not to ask questions about your site. It is plain weirdddddd. I’m pretty sure the Shoutbox belongs under the Site section; it’s not really fun it’s just a tag board. And you could widen it to fit the size of your content, so it looks like a good tag board because right now it just looks like you were in a hurry and you just plopped it there. If you make it wider, it will fit the design better and feel more part of the site than just a tag board. You customized the colors, now customize the size. The survey is where you should ask about your site which you did, so I like that. Don’t just ask one word answers about your site, have them explain what they like and why or what they hate and why, you get better feedback that way than using polls. So I’m glad you’re using a survey! Poll questions can be like what type of books do you like to read, movies you watch, what do you want to study, what do you do in your spare time, opinions or notions are better than boring facts anyone can list.

    Alright, so the site isn’t bad but also isn’t very good, I see you revamped, but I’m not sure what you’ve changed from your past design if I can find still so many odd features on the site. Continue to work on the site and surely, there will be improvements as time passes. Thanks for reading.

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    sweetsugar's Response:

    Thanks for the review! Ha um, the links are in alphabetical order so they're not weird :D Oh, I am currently making a co-owner page for Lavender. :P k. Thanks.

  2. marie718 gave it ***-- on 12th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hello. I'm Marie. I'm reviewing your site in Firefox. First I'd like to say that I love the domain name. :) hehe but I do have some tips for you.

    1. Maybe try messing with some CSS codes to spruce up your layout.

    2. Smaller text - but not too small!

    3. Make sure your css is validated. It's good for SEO.

    4. I would suggest browsing other sites to get inspiration to creating/editing your own tweaks on your site. Like Maybe you see something that looks nice and you try and do the same but you tweak it and make it different?

    5. Add some more color to the text maybe.

    Anyways, I think It looks really nice, a little more could of been done to the design - it's really simple :/ but sometimes simple is nice. hehe.

    I think you should add borders around the content table in the the middle(the body area)

    Maybe you should add a container to your css, that would probably look really really really nice lol.

    I believe if you put more time into it, you'd make it a lot nicer. I mean you don't have to be a PSP or PS design expert to make a nice website ;) Simple css codes & color codes would make it nicer.

    Try createblog.com for some nice scripts, and codes etc..
    Honestly your site index looks like a regular myspace DIV layout to me. Lol it's your DOMAIN, make it different<3 best of luck. I'd appreciate if you review my site in return(I'm gonna add it in a few minutes.)

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    sweetsugar's Response:

    Hehe thanks :)

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    Natalie gave it ***-- on 12th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hi Sugar. Judging by all the reviews below this one... I doubt you'd want me to repeat everything they said, becuase they all have valueable opinions that I would with no doubt mention the same things that they have, if I reviewed you. One thing I do realise though, is that you asked in tag-board (of rev.iew.me) a couple of weeks ago about your layout that you were experimenting on. I told you the banner was a bit plain, too tall and left-aligned layouts were a bit squishy-looking. I see you have ignored everything I said and put the exact same thing up :(

    Moving on, there is a point to this. Instead of badgering you to mush with the problems of your site, I'll show you a few tutorials and websites that may help you become a better web-designer. Because with patience and perserverence, I know you can do it (Ooh, that sounded motivational...)!

    Okay, let's start... Ok, viewing your coding, I see that you have used CSS in your main codes, instead of an external stylesheet. This makes it harder for you to update your CSS, so here and here are just some of many awesome tutorials to help you with CSS styling.

    I mentioned earlier that your layout is not centered and has a large header. This is not good, as it makes your site look cluttered, and that is not the impression you want to give visitors. Maybe you could learn from here about making your site look a bit less cluttered. Becuase this gives the visitor the thought "Oh, this site is nicely designed, pretty and uncluttered. I sould use thier graphics because then I'll look less cluttered!" And hey, don't you want people thinking that?

    Continuing onto your blog, you use cutenews. As Jem explains, cutenews is just one of many unsafe scripts. I suggest using wordpress or fanupdate (can't find a link for). Which, luckily, many wordpress tutorials can be easily found :)

    As for the CSS itself, it can be shortened just as Vanesa mentioned. Here is another awesome little guide for that.

    As for your graphics... You should not be using textarea to put codes in. And you may want to work on transperancy ;)

    Okay at the moment, I don't feel like digging through your entire site to find tutorials to help you, becuase I know you are capable of that yourself. So, I'm going to be lazy now and stop. But before I do, I just want you to always remember to go to tutorialtastic or ask in the forum/tagboard of rev.iew.me if you are stuck. Or even drop by my site/leave me a message on here, I'd be happy to help.

    All in all, I can see you have put a lot of work into your website and I know that with the right guidence you will improve if you motivate yourself to do it. When I come back next time, I will do a proper review and look around to see if you paid attention to what I told you today ;)

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    sweetsugar's Response:

    Oh yeah I do remember you telling me that, but no, I did not ignore you, I just forgot and put up the dumb thing :D Sorry.

    Oh for everyone: The program I animate with (Microsoft Animator) makes the backgrounds black when I make them transparent, so that's why I just didn't.

    Wow, thanks. I really appreciate it :)

  4. [img: avatar]
    Vanesa gave it ***-- on 11th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hi there Sugar,

    I'm going to review your revamped site. ^_^ Also, I'm getting back on the rev.iew.me scene! If I ever really was "on" it. 0_o Anyways, this is my first review in a while so I may be a bit "off" right now. But I'll try my best.

    Also, if I sound like all the other reviews you're getting, sorry about that, I never really read the other website's reviews and I usually point out the obvious. Call me Ms. Obvious.

    By the looks of the screenshot and your description, I think it will be very dark and maybe even unreadable, which to me is a turn off, so if it is unreadable and too dark, I suggest brightening and fixing up the typography.

    Ooh! And instead of paragraph explaining what I use, I just use this nifty line right here:

    Browser: Google Chrome | Operating System: Windows XP | Resolution: 1024x768 pixels

    First Impression
    The :) is unnecessary in your title. "Sweet Sugar" by itself is fine. If your website was a book, do you say its name is "Sweet Sugar" or "Sweet Sugar Colon Right-Parantheses"? Actually, I wouldn't mind buying a book called "Colon Right-Parantheses"... xD

    Upon entering your site, I kind of groan. Your layout doesn't "flow". The header, navigation, and the rest of the content is on on side, and then a small little box for affiliates, "# online", and your tracker. It's kind of weird and confusing, to be honest.(More on this in the "Layout" section.)

    You're using a "dashed list", e.g.
    - list item 1
    - list item 2
    - list item 3
    and it abuses the already-abused <br>, when instead you can use a nifty <ol>.

    Your blog post layout is default Cutenews template - I've used Cutenews and I know what it looks like. To me, it's kind of unprofessional. I suggest a safer script, and I'm pretty sure FanUpdate has been shoved in your face numerous times... although it doesn't seem to be available to download. Try a CMS, maybe? Like Wordpress or Texpattern.

    The white on black is a bit extreme for some eyes - why not tone down the white and black? E.g. #dedede on #323232. I dunno - I just made that up right now. But tone it down - white on black is a bit extreme.

    Also, the sTiCkY cApS is kind of a turn-off for me as well.

    Hmm... was it, "First Impression, Layout, Coding", or "First Impression, Coding, Layout"? Oh well, it doesn't matter.

    Your layout overall: It doesn't have much going on. Okay, so my layout on Chosen Destinies doesn't have much going on either, but this is the bare necessities: title, navigation, content, tracker, affiliates, and the ever-so-famous "# online", and that's about it. Even then it has something irrelevant - the "ever-so-famous '# online'". I don't get the point in these. Get rid of it I say, get rid of it!

    Oh, well, if it sounds like I'm bashing your site, sorry. Your layout actually isn't that bad - it's readable, easy to navigate, and kind of pleasing. Emphasis on kind of.

    I suggest adding a little detail that's not irrelevant.

    Header: You could have done better. The text looks kind of unprofessional... I dunno, it just does. The font is nice though.

    Navigation: Sweet, easy, readable... but I don't like how it was designed. It just has pipe line (|) navigation, and when you hover over it, a lighter shade of purple than the header... but that's just it. Also it's white, and you can change it to purple to incorporate more purple. Spice it up a bit! Maybe images or CSS sprites? C'mon, it's your site! Think of something a little more... detailed.

    Content Area: Change the CuteNews template, or get a new blogging system altogether. It looks so unorignal and unprofessional like that.

    Hyperlinks: bold plz. D: Also, it "matches" the regular text when you hover over it... maybe a different colour or underline? :/

    Side Header Thing: The text is too small. 0__o Um... move it somehow. Anywhere. It looks so lonely and out of place there.

    Overall, it's kind of nice, but could use rearranging and a little more work. :D

    Hey, not bad.

    Except for linking an external stylesheet and then putting it again. -_-;;

    Why did you do that? You only needed to link the stylesheet. The whole point of just linking a stylesheet is so you won't need to paste it all in. -_- Delete it all! Put all of your CSS in your stylesheet and just delete the iternal stylesheets!

    Looking into your CSS, I see that you use a big image for your background - why not just background: #000;? Or even better: background: #323232;. You put this:

    div.c10 {font-family: arial; height: 50; left: 760; position: absolute; top: 82; width: 50; z-index: 0}
    div.c9 {font-family: arial; height: 50; left: 685; position: absolute; top: 90; width: 50; z-index: 0}
    div.c8 {font-family: arial; height: 50; left: 620; position: absolute; top: 90; width: 50; z-index: 0}

    When it could be this:

    .c8, .c9, .c10 {font-family: arial; height: 50; left: 760; position: absolute; top: 82; width: 50; z-index: 0}

    Hey, at least you're using a list for your navigation. :D

    Suggestions: add indentation, get rid of unecessary code, add more line breaks (pressing enter) and organize it a bit more, and... um... did you make a typo? Isn't mailto:sweettsugarr@ymail.com supposed to be... gmail? Or is there really a ymail.com?


    there is. 0_o Er, nevermind.

    Overall, your coding could use a lot of work, but good luck! :)

    Glad that was all over. -_- Now... your actual content! The good stuff! The main reason people should visit your site in the first place! Yadda yadda yadda!

    The Latest Blog Post:
    Like I said earlier, real lists. And kudos to you for linking words instead of "click here" or something. :) Short and sweet, just updates, it's great. And your blog post title was a plus - stating your back, new layout, and new layout name!

    About the owner - It contains some good information, but a lot of people would prefer paragraphs underneath - just in case they want to know a little more. The double ampersands (&&) aren't need, just say "and more", it's not that hard.

    Contact - One of the best types of forms out there. :D Good contact form here, although I sometimes think these pages need a brief intro, like, "Have a quesion? Ask here!"

    Credits - *crosses fingers and clicks on "Credits" Hey, why is there a title here and not on "contact" and "about the owner"? Stay consistent. Also, why is it all capital letters?

    Well... uhh... if you're crediting these sites, you're kind of reccomending them, right? And if you reccomend them, you like them. And if you like them, you want them to have better hits. And if you want them to have better hits, you have to link them properly.

    Random fact: there are about 5,590,000,000 results if you search "http://". Does Unloadeed/Dafont/Dyanamic Drive want people to search "http://" and find their site? I don't think so. If you linked Unloadeed as "http://", it won't improve Unloadeed's SEO, because there a billion (I'm guessing) links called "http://". But if you link Unloadeed as Unloadeed, it will add to the count of how many sites link it as "Unloadeed", and when people search "unloadeed", they will find Unloadeed first. So link their name, and not by http://.

    Also, "For Random" sounds weird - why not "For Other Things" or some other name?

    Link Back - use <code>, not <textarea>.

    Past Layouts - your layout is definitely an improvement over your old ones, which I lile. ^_^

    Backgrounds - Use code plz. ^_^ And this is eerily similar to Smiley Helper - did you copy Smiley Helper, or is this just the regular way people display backgrounds? 0_o Oh well. They're nice.

    Blinkies - never found the point in this, but make sure Kawaii and Green or transparent like Bright.

    Cursors - Eh?! Where did my cursor go?! Well, anyways, I really dislike the rainbow cursor at top, and these are too unorignal and simple.

    Enter Signs - I hate splash pages, so I don't really like it when people offer enter signs. Some of these are not bad, but most of them I wouldn't imagine using them. When you add stuff to your site, think, "If I found this on a site, would I use it?"

    Exploding Planets - pointless graphics. moving on.

    Glitters - more pointlessness. yawn.

    Icons - Ugh, Twilight. But these are nice.

    Lookups - Add a screenshot to "Fly Away" plz.

    Scribbles - The bunny one is really good and cute, actually. You should just offer it by itself and make it transparent.

    Song Glitters - *yawn* could do better.

    Wallpapers - Ugh, "click here". You could just say "Don't know how to use these?" and link the tutorial.

    BTW, just noticed your link structure. I reccomend using folders, e.g. graphics, site, and your other sections so it's more organized. :)

    I guess I only like the "Comic-Words", the rest are all meh.

    Website Layouts - they're okay, but I wouldn't imagine when I'd need them.

    Brushes - Add a preview, maybe? Otherwise... they're kinda good.

    Button Bases - I really really like the earth one but the others are all meh.

    Link Hovers - not gonna bother. These are pointless and annoying.

    Textures - maybe two per line, instead of having to scroll to see them all? :/

    Adobe Photoshop - I don't use Photoshop, but these are simple and easy-to-follow, with screenshots, like it should be. :)

    Paint.net - Uh... glitter tutorial leads to outlining? 0_o Uh, oh wait, never mind...
    Glitter tutorial - tsk tsk, direct linking. And - ugh - the effect is hideous, to be honest. You shouldn't have chosen the cute kitty's eyes. By the way, cute kitty.
    Outlining tutorial - Good job here. :) Please give a link to the outline plugin, too!

    Contests - I like these, allthough the 001 is suspicous - are you going to have 100 contests? 0__o Just use a regular list (ol) plz.

    Quizzes - there's only one here, so "quizzes" is misleading. But anyways - this quiz is your basic "Mostly X's" quiz, which isn't original, since most people catch on and then, maybe like my brother, subconsciously answer the same letter for everything. A quiz script would be nice.

    Polls - Random, but I guess they kill a few minutes. Nothing to say here, really...

    Survey - Eh... don't make a visitor click twice.

    Your site definitely improved over the revamp. Um... uhh... not much to say... I know! The Compliment Sandwich from Family Guy!

    Compliment: I like the way.. uhh... you're nice and friendly around the site.
    Criticism: I would like it if you add more quality content and a better layout. And a new blogging system. And better coding.
    Compliemnt: I like your... the tutorials are... um... I like how you offer a variety of content.

    Not implying I hate your site, of course. You have some potential there, just a bit of improvement and originality can do the trick! Good luck in the future, Sugar. :)

    - Vanesa

    P.S. Wow, this was long. 0_o Ehehe... too many smilies. xD I like writing long reviews.

    P.P.S. Wha-? Three points? ;_; Gah. Shouldn't have used the less than symbol.

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    sweetsugar's Response:

    Thanks! Btw, no, there is not a typo, there is a ymail ha. Okay. Thanks, I'm glad you think it improved! Ha. Okay. Thanks much! Nice :)

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    Rin gave it **--- on 11th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hi, I'm Rin and I'll be reviewing your site using Firefox 3.0 and a resolution of 1280x1024. I haven't read the previous four reviews you've already received, so I apologize in advance if I repeat many of the same things. ^^;
    Please keep in mind that I don't mean for this review to be offensive at all; it's merely constructive criticism. I know everyone has to start somewhere. :)
    I'm not going to review every single page individually; I'll just list some things I have issues with, or feel I should go over.

    First Impression

    Dark. Even with my extra-bright monitor, the purple links are still too hard to see. Also, your layout is very plain; neither the banner nor the CSS style are anything impressive. For a graphic & resource site, those two things must be aesthetically pleasant if you want your visitor to stay longer than three seconds.
    Maybe you should label the box that has your affiliates in it (I'm assuming that's what the links are).
    Your site name isn't unique, original, or something that would strike a visitor as interesting.

    Site Page
    About the Owner - Wow. You use a lot of programs. :o I also dislike my screen getting dirty. XD (But, uh, I guess most people do, anyway... haha.)
    Staff - Courtney's icon is a broken image.
    Submit Your Work - I don't really understand why someone would want to submit work to your site. What do they get out of it?

    Content (Graphics, Resources, & Tutorials)

    Your backgrounds are nice. The exploding planets thing is very unique, so I'll you a cookie for that. XD The website layouts you have up are better than your actual layout; who knows what that means. o_o;
    I wouldn't really use the second cursor. It isn't of very good quality at all. The other cursors are just regular things anyone could make.
    As for the rest of the graphics, they're just okay. I don't think anyone would use them; most are not of good quality.

    Nothing special here. Again, I don't think anyone would use them; the quality of most resources are rather... ehem. Unpleasant.

    I didn't look too closely at these, but it might be helpful to your visitors if you could be consistent with numbering steps.
    You also might need to fix the picture used in your glitter tutorial for Paint.net users; direct linking is bad, and that's exactly what you did. I'd suggest uploading the image to your own server.

    Fun Page

    Contest page - I'd suggest better prizes than a custom-made graphic (that is the prize, right?).
    Quizzes - Quizzes are nice. Personally, though, I prefer taking ones where you can actually select your choices and submit your results. Yours is still good, though!
    Polls - Maybe you should try changing polls every so often, just to keep things interesting.
    Reviews - ...Um, seriously? If you're going to be reviewing sites at all, you should at least make a more organized page. How can a visitor actually see the site that you reviewed if you don't provide a link to it?
    Shoutbox - Maybe you should put this somewhere on the actual layout, instead of making it have a page of its own. After all, your current layout has plenty of room.
    Survey - That's interesting. I don't really know how to review it. XD

    Grammar, Spelling, & Punctuation

    Oh, boy. You have quite a few issues in this area. I'd list them all, but there are some on every page, so that might take a while. Sometimes you punctuate correctly; sometimes you don't. Sometimes you capitalize correctly, sometimes you don't. As you can see, you're pretty inconsistent. Your visitors will appreciate you better if you try harder to be more literate. (:


    Wait, what? Why do you have an external stylesheet and internal one? That's odd. Just combine all into one external stylesheet.
    Your site isn't validated (15 errors, 18 warnings), but I'm not really a stickler for that kind of thing. You may want to look into that, though.
    Ugh. I didn't even try to understand the rest. It's really messy; you should really think about fixing your coding to make things easier for yourself.


    Your graphic skills need a lot of improvement. What I do when I need inspiration is browse through other, very nice sites. Try to raise your standards a bit for what is awesome and what isn't, so you can judge your own graphics better. Also: practice. But we all know that, right? XD
    Your pages are messy and full of grammatical errors. Copying and pasting things into Word seem to work.
    Your site is alright. You're definitely getting there. Just continue trying your best and having fun~ :D

    By the way, you have the honor (...) of being the first site I reviewed. Congratulations! Haha. XD

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    sweetsugar's Response:

    Thanks very much! BTW, the submit your work page is for staff. I'll get rid of it anyways though, if it's confusing :P I love cookies! Hah. Yippee, thanks

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    Pocci gave it **--- on 11th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hey there :] I'll be reviewing your site today using Firefox with a 1280x800 resolution. I'll try not to be too harsh, mkay? Now, lets get moving.

    Name -
    Your site name isn't really original, a lot of people could think of that.

    First impressions -
    When I first came upon your site, I thought that it was really dark and the colour scheme was a bit ick. The banner itself is really simple, you haven't used many effects.

    Layout -
    I think the font size is a bit too big. As for the navigation below the image header, the white lines are really distracting. I think you should remove those.
    & The link size for your affiliates is a bit too small.

    Content -

    Alot of your graphics are pretty average..meaning the ideas are pretty common. I wouldn't use these because they don't stand out to me as much as they should.

    Again, the resource ideas are common, except for the link hovers, which looked pretty cool.

    Brushes - most of the brushes are pretty average, I wouldn't use swirls for my layouts.

    Colour palettes - most the colours are really common.

    Textures - Just a tip, for previews, use thumbnails. It takes ages to load if you use width="#" height="#". Anyways, they aren't exactly the best textures around.


    Photoshop - They seem interesting & different to a lot of the other tutorials.


    Reviews & ratings -

    By the way, we won't throw a bunch of mean comments at you, just some things to help your site! And remember, we're rating/reviewing your site, you're not going rate/review ours unless we ask you to!

    Okay, try not to say, "we" when its only one person speaking.

    Overall -
    Overall, your site is okay. It definitely needs a bit more sparkle in it but your getting there. Try to stray from graphics that people dont use, eg: blinkies. But good job!

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    sweetsugar's Response:

    Thanks for the review! BTW, I said 'we' because there is a co-owner.

  7. [img: avatar]
    April gave it *---- on 11th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hey, my name is April and I will be reviewing your site using Firefox 3.0 and 800x600 screen resolution.

    Front Page / First Impression

    The first thing I thought upon entering your page was, "Dark" and then I looked and realised there was hardly any formatting on the links or anywhere for that matter and; what formatting there was - was rather...bad. First off, too much black and too much purple. Maybe tone the colours down by adding a different content background such as a white or something similar to first off break the black and then, the purple should look a lot better.

    The links with the people's names and websites in them - I'm assuming these are your affiliates? They look out of place squashed up at the top of the page with no header and they look rather small and blinding. Why plug someone's site if its not going to be clear to the visitor what the link actually is? Also, the border around it looks a little out of place. Too much purple. TOO much purple.

    The header image is bad. I'm sorry, but I can't sugarcoat this one. Its amateur, too purple and holds no attraction or appeal. Maybe just a simple "Sweet Sugar" in text is what you should start off with?

    The links are white, and blend in with the text below it - no padding is bad. Really bad. Also, the white looks strange after all the purple? Why did you suddenly decide to change this colour to white? Maybe make them bigger, pad them from everything else and change the colour to something other than white, or change the rest of the purple to something a bit more blending. The formatting looks like Size 16 Default and the hover colours are dreadful. Format them a bit more and it might look better. xD

    The content/blog below it also is nothing special. Once again, purple links and default font for the actual content. Style this and make it look a little more attractive. =]

    Cutenews. I suppose you haven't heard of the problems and risks Cutenews gives your site? If you need a better alternative, why not try FanUpdate? I'm sure if you googled it you will find a better blog script. Cutenews is no good at all.

    Site Page and Sub Pages

    Again with the white text and then the purple links. Looks bad - do well to format.
    It says in your About the Owner section that you have been web designing for 2 years? Well, really what you are doing is not considered web design, maybe say "web page making" instead of designing. Because really, you are not designing anything and using phrases like that will get you in trouble with the big guns. xP
    I really like colourful and crazy socks too - I have my own collection! xD

    On your request a button page it all looks really messy with no real paragraphs and everything is all bunched in together. Also, what is this page really there for? Is it really needed? What purpose does it serve?

    Your contact page is the neatest thing out of the whole site. However, tables are outdated and really are used for tabular data.

    Your credits page is all in order except, the http:// part looks a bit odd with the purple. Again change it to a more blending colour.

    What is the difference between your Request a Button page and your Link Back page?

    You know, your old layout featuring the Twilight series is much better than the one you have now. What happened? You've taken a step back rather than a step forward! Your Pink and Blue layout is also rather bad.

    Why do you need Staff for your website? It doesn't look that hard to maintain..

    Also - why are people submitting their work to you? To be reviewed, to be plugged or what? I don't understand the last few pages of your website at all. Some are repeats and others don't explain themselves properly.

    Graphics Page

    Your Graphics section is rather...the images are rather bad quality but pretty. Some of them are really good - I like the Scribble and the Backgrounds but...the rest are really bad quality images and shouldn't really be for others to take.

    Resources Page

    The brushes in your swirls pack are incredibly similar to some brushes I've seen before. Are you sure you haven't taken them and claimed them as your own? I took the opportunity to make sure they weren't stolen by downloading and comparing them to the ones I already have and they are almost identical...

    Why are you giving out colour pallets? Surely people can make their own or go to a proper site to get colour pallets? Some of the colours aren't really all that good together. Maybe distribute pallets properly and officially rather than an image with colour squares on them?

    What the hell are link hovers? If you consider any of those things you have put down as "Link Hovers" good, then...I don't understand. They are gruesome and no visitor should be subjected to having those backgrounds when they hover over link.

    The textures are....scribble. Quick whack-together images that you seem to have simply done for the sake of having textures as a resource. I suggest you maybe work on your texture skills a bit more. xD

    Tutorials Page

    I saw this and cringed. Do you really think you know enough about graphic design to create tutorials? First of all, the crosshatch look is rather easy to do. I'm sure someone with an IQ of 0 would be able to figure out how to do it. Maybe if you created an image that had the crosshatch look implemented that might be a bit better of a tutorial. =]

    Also, the image on your "Blend" tutorial page is hardly a blend. I'm sure you understand what a blend is - would you consider the image a blend? Perhaps take a look at some real blends and work from them before creating a tutorial of your own?

    Why do you have a tutorial for bevelling and embossing text? It is fairly easy. I've noticed that a lot of your Photoshop Tutorials have basic effects. Maybe rename the Photoshop Tutorial section as, "Photoshop Basic Effects" and visitors might understand a little more.

    The notebook paper tutorial reminds me nothing of a notebook. However, it is a good tutorial and I do believe it will be helpful to many people looking to have this effect. xD

    But, the Picnic Cloth and the Notebook Paper tutorial might better be renamed as "Defining a Pattern" rather than creating an effect, as it shows you how to define a pattern and not many beginners for photoshop know how to do this.

    The starburst tutorial is cool. Well done. It is even neatly set out.

    The Miscellaneous section is a bit pointless. I think everyone knows how to save the planet via recycling.

    In your Paint tutorial for creating a blog....take it down. Not a very good tutorial at all. Perhaps rework it and put it back up but right now...not good.

    The second paint tutorial is equally as bad. Perhaps take the Paint section off altogether?

    I noticed in your Paint.Net tutorials that you have direct linked an image from dailycuteness.com and I do hope you realise the effects of direct linking. It not only uses up the person you are direct linking's bandwidth but is also incredibly rude. The tutorial it is in is reasonably well done but the actual chosen scenario is little to be desired.

    Overall, the tutorial section is really messy and definitely has a lot of work to do.

    Fun Page

    The contests are old and have been done before - also, people aren't going to be interested in joining the contests if they don't win anything or if they don't gain credit.

    Nice quiz - did you take it or is it your own?

    The polls section is long and rather boring - try to spice it up a little with better questions than you have! xD

    The Reviews section...you have a reviews section? Uhm, I really hope to not sound mean or nasty here but are you sure you have the experience to be reviewing? Also, you haven't provided a link to the person's site you reviewed; what if the visitor wants to see the site you are reviewing?

    A shoutbox doesn't really need a page all of its own - does it?

    And isn't a survey page much like a poll page? Maybe you could integrate the two together.


    Why do you have an external stylesheet and 3 internal ones? Why can't you just integrate them all together?

    You also have styling within your html when you can easily style the divs with the CSS.

    Overall your coding needs a lot done to it and your CSS isn't neatly organised. Everything is everywhere and it is hard to understand.

    You also have forgotten to close your html with the - it is missing and this is a serious problem.


    Your site needs a lot of work. A LOT of work. But it has the potential to be good. You just need to work hard at it.

    Using Firefox on Linux | Report This?

    sweetsugar's Response:

    Thanks for the review! BTW, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I made the brushes and the quiz. Actually, when I was on vacation, I used half of a 70 page notebook writing down quizzes, hah. Thanks though, this is a good and helpful review.

  8. Luscious gave it ***-- on 11th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hey Sugar!! It's me, Jenny (from Luscious XD, thanks for reviewing my site, by the way) and I'll be reviewing your site with Mozilla Firefox version 2. If I don't like your site, I promise not to be THAT harsh one ya okay?

    The name: Sweet Sugar is kinda popular, I mean anyone can think of that name, so it's not that unique. 6/10

    First impressions: The layouts...black. It's a bit dark for my taste but I guess it's okay. The banner is a little plain but I can deal with that. Where you put your affies is cute though. Another thing I notice right off the bat is that The content text is PURPLE. Doesn't fit in -shakes head-. 25/40

    Layout: Like I said, it's a bit too black for my taste. The white text should be a little duller because it kinda heerrts my eyes. You should also change the font size and font type. I'd recommend changing it to 11px size and maybe tahoma, but it's okay if you keep it at arial. Your HTML isn't validate either...15 errors and 18 warnings but it should be pretty easy to fix :) 36/50

    Content: THe backgrounds are simple. Anyone can make them, so I only like the heart one (but it's not that...er pretty), and the striped ones after them since they're a little more complicated. Your blinkies are kinda slow -.-. Er, sorry to say this but I don't like your cursors, they're just ugly (soorry I said I was gonna be less harsh but that's probably the only thing I'll be harsher with). The entersigns are really cute though! I love the effects on them . WOOOOOOAH the exploading planets are soo unique! Coolio u should make more. Your glitters need to be transparent though. The icons are really plain ^^'. Your fly away lookup is cute! I love the little birdy...-sigh- I'm tired of looking at content so i'll just give you the score: 40/50

    Well hope I wasn't too harsh! Your score is 107/150 which is about a 71%...3 stars.

    Using Firefox on Windows | Report This?

    sweetsugar's Response:

    Okay, thanks for the review! It helps!

  9. natty gave it ***-- on 10th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hello my name is Natty from www.divine-designs.net, and I'll be reviewing your site using IE8, in a 1680x1050 resolution =)

    First impressions:
    The top header is not nice. It's much too simple for a graphical site. Make it prettier! The text in your content is easy to read, but white on black? It just looks so standard... even adding a touch of colour to it would make a huge difference. Also, at first glance, the affiliates box is a little confusing. When I first saw it, I didn't know if it was your affiliates, or just general links out.

    Question: Why do you have so many affiliates? Sites generally aim for - at maximum - 10 affiliates (else it just appears messy.) Perhaps you should cut some off and leave them as Link Exchanges?

    Basically, at first glance, the site is very plain and not what I'd expect from a graphical site.

    A little pet peave of mine is when the owner of a site forces you to click on a link (Graphics in your case) and then tell you to click another link before you actually SEE anything (here I refer to your graphics.php page). I'd like to be able to see some actually designs on a first click.

    The horizontal navigation bar itself is nice, but is the extra | after Fun necessary? I would've just left that one out personally, else it doesn't quite match the start of the navigation (take a look at Home).

    Ouh the exploding planets are pretty cool. Unique. I've never seen them on other graphical sites. So kudos for them.

    Your icons are... very plain. Have you tried following some tutorials to help you get started? I'm guessing you're relatively new to Photoshop, so perhaps you should try: Icons @ Heron Productions.

    Why have you uploaded a wallpaper in 1000x1000 resolution? No one will have a desktop resolution of a square. Wallpaper resolutions are generally 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024. Just take a look at your own monitor settings and work from that. Again, the design of them is very simple.

    I like your artistic cross-hatch tutorial, it's been a long time since I've seen a tutorial which doesn't involve brushes XD Overall though your tutorials reflect the rest of your site in being very simple.

    I'm not a master of coding, but I know a few things which may help you.

    First of all. EW EW EW @ Inline CSS! (This means you've added your CSS into the PHP page instead of having an external style.css file). This should never really be done as it just looks messy and changing the layout later is much harder to achieve. Copy and paste all of your CSS coding into a style.css text file and then add this line of code somewhere between your < head > < / head > tags:

    < link rel=stylesheet href=style.css type=text/css >

    (minus all of the spaces of course, silly coding ... code wouldn't work for some reason.)

    I also see that your CSS isn't of your own doing, which is fair enough if you're a new coder. But you haven't even credited the site you used in your credits page. Big no no. Credit them.

    /*Credits: Dynamic Drive CSS Library */
    /*URL: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/ */

    Final Thoughts:
    Overall it's a very simple/basic site which is obviously just beginning it's long graphical journey. Take heed of the links I have given you, and the advice I've provided. Use them. Don't jusst shrug me off as being rude or offensive. I don't mean to be. I'm only here to help.

    Using MSIE on Windows | Report This?

    sweetsugar's Response:

    Thanks for the review. I totally forgot I used the links from Dynamic Drive, so I'll put them on the credits page right now!

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