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My graphics site that has been around for many years. It includes Wallpapers and Layouts I've made over the past 6 years, as well as a collection of Midis and some Midis I've made myself. Recently had a huge clean up and it's all back online and all neat and tidy with a lot of the old useless content removed.

The blog section isn't finished yet so that's why that link isn't open. Also there is no About Me section because I thought it would be more appropriate to move it to the blog section when that opens.

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  1. Lana gave it ****- on 5th Nov 2009 and said:

    Alllll what a cute layout!! I especially love the adorable little illustration in the top right corner. Too cute =] My overall impression of your layout is a good one. I think there are some areas that look a bit "out of place" for example the main title. I think it would look nicer if you incorporated it somehow with that illustration so it flows better. Something that did kind of annoy me is the delay on the header links. >.< There's like a 1 second delay.

    Your content is pretty good too. Although I'm personally not interested in it, you definitely offer a lot of HQ graphics and resources for visitors to browse through.

    Overall nice job =]

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  2. [img: avatar]
    vision_burn gave it ****- on 22nd Apr 2009 and said:

    Hi! Your screenshot caught my eye because I was trying to figure out what that was in the top right corner...

    I'm not going to review your content. What you put on your site is your business and I'd feel uncomfortable telling you otherwise. It's all about layout for me. :)

    First Impressions
    Gorgeous, gorgeous colours! The layout looks great! I'm wondering if there's anything I can say that would improve it!

    I really like the logo. The brushstrokes give it interest without making it look too grungy. And that picture is sooo cute! The striped background is a nice touch and the links above the navigation bar really fit well.

    I'm not really sure about the grey navigation bar though. It looks too "clean" and doesn't fit so well with the rest of the layout. It isn't something that is obviously out of place, but I think I'd prefer to see something along the lines of what you did with the links above. But maybe that's just me. :)

    The "Howdy there!" section is very prominent, which is a good thing but I would personally try using a slightly different background colour - something that isn't so stark and maybe fits in a little better with your logo design. I don't think you need to go extreme, but you want it to compliment your logo, rather than overpower it. (I'm wondering if I'm missing anything interesting behind there!)

    Your sidebar looks good. I like the screenshots of your recent work. They fit nicely and give the page more interest. The "Recent Forum Posts" and "Plugs" section looks a little out of place because the text is centered rather than aligned to the left like the rest, but maybe that's just me!

    Your footer is delicious! Great colours and use of the brushstrokes. One thing though - your link for Valid HTML is actually valid XHTML. I would change it. You can afford to brag a little! Also (okay, so there's two things!) your valid CSS link doesn't work, though when I checked manually, your CSS is indeed valid.

    Overall, I think your site is great. It could do with a few tweaks here and there, but even those aren't huge problems. Great work!

    I will be bookmarking your site for future browsing purposes!

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    ichabod1799's Response:

    Thank you :) You did have some helpful tips I didn't pick up on (obviously) and I will consider them for the next layout.

    All though you shouldn't feel uncomfortable about reviewing people's content (but I get it if you're using that as an excuse so you don't have to spend a longer time reviewing ;) ). The whole focal point and the existence of the site is the content. If any thing that should be the most focused part of any review, much prefer hearing critiques over content rather than coding. The visitor is going to see what you have on your site, not look at your code and care about if it's invalid or not (sorry, I have issues with this whole invalid and valid code thing, it's killing and destroying the fun in web design)

    Anyway thank you for reviewing my site, you have brought up quite a few helpful suggestions that I am grateful for, cheers.

  3. [img: avatar]
    Theresa gave it ****- on 15th Apr 2009 and said:

    I, on the other hand, am not here to tell you how to improve your site. I am here to give you my point of view on what I see when I look at your site as an outsider. If you chose to take my opinion and run with it, well.. just don't go too far, please, I will be needing it back. ;)

    First Impression:
    I love the color scheme, and the top striped background. Generally, I like the messy pain effect. For an artist, it fits perfectly. I love the anime-ish artwork of the little girl hugging the boy, it's super cute.

    Upon scrolling down, I realize that I am not super fond of the narrowness of the blog post itself. I can't figure if it's the sidebar or the meta data that is making it look mooshy, but you make up for it a bit by adding the "read more" link at the bottom, keeping your posts on the main page relatively short. I also feel like there's too much on your sidebar, it looks a bit cluttered and is much longer then your post, which leaves an ugly white space between the bottom of the blog post and the footer.

    Speaking of footer, I love it as well. It continues with artistic feel and isn't boring and squared off, it shows effort.

    Blog: I didn't take the liberty of reading the entire post, it is a bit long. I did read the teaser portion of it though and I think it's good that you've let people know all about the new layout. Congrats or learning how to create a pure div layout. You also seem to be fairly well spoken, which is always nice.

    Domain: This section is FULL of information, I love it. You write with great detail and much enthusiasm for telling people about the site. I notice a trend of organization which I also strongly lean toward. I also think you have way to many link buttons. It's good that you offer variety but at the same time I feel overwhelmed with the decision of which one I would choose. The past layouts section is the best I have ever seen. While I would like to also see some technical stats on these layouts (what tools did you use?) I think that you've given great detail.

    Creativity: I think that you are a very talented artist but I also lean away from art that originates from other sources. I mean to say that I am not fond of art containing pictures of celebrities because you could have done a million things to customize the image but all I will see is someone elsea picture. I don't know if you get that or not..

    Gratitude: You have won a lot of awards and I like how they are organized alphabetically. The reviews you have received are also amazingly organized. I love how you've posted them on your site for all to see.

    All in all, I find your site quite pleasing. There are a few clutter issues and other small quirks that I have listed or else your site would have been a 5. ;D

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    ichabod1799's Response:

    Sweet sweet, thank you for taking your time to review my site, I am very grateful. All though I would like to know "how to improve" isn't that the whole point of these review community? Though suggestions of improving isn't necessarily a review, and because everyone has so many different Tastes it's hard to please everyone, so what's the point on asking for improvements...you might have a good point there.

    I understand your opinions on celebrity art, and I do and plan on steering away from that at one point, as you may have noticed there is a wallpaper constructed out of my own original artwork. I hope to do more in the future if they're successful. The reason why it is celebrity wallpapers and layouts and plain and simply that they're the most popular. I generate a lot of hits just from my Evanescence and Drake Bell wallpapers and at the end of the day after spending so much money on site hosting space and a domain name, you wanna generate a lot of visitors otherwise you just wasted $200 bucks and your life, if you can't generate a single visitor on "original" content alone. Sorry if that came out vain and sounded like I don't care, I understand that and partly agree, that's why I also try and make the wallpapers lean more to the artistic look in their manipulations with brushes and funky backgrounds rather than just merging and fixing up the celebrity image alone and calling it an "original wallpaper." besides I don't really look at it as a serious thing "omg people think my wallpapers look like I haven't done enough work" but rather all practice, roughs if you will, of learning how to use Photoshop, pratice for the Illustration indrusty (which I'm in my second year of studying) practice of design. This whole thing is just a hobby, that's why I make those wallpapers. I try and do the right thing as well and went through and if I could remember, credited where I got the images used, I don't believe any other website also has credits for their wallpapers.

    As for the layouts, you want people to use your layouts so you make them layouts of things they're interested in. If it happens to be celebrities, so be it.

    As for the opening update on the main page, sorry if it does seem long. I posted the short story that length so it would fill up the area, otherwise if it were shorter there would be even more white space underneath it.

    But thank you for your time and review, I really appreciate it :)

  4. [img: avatar]
    Vanesa gave it ***-- on 14th Apr 2009 and said:

    Hi there! ^^

    I'd like to say that your site sounds really great from the description, so I'd like to see on how I could help you improve this site. :) You may want to take away the browser stuff (e.g. toolbars, address bar) from your screenshot.

    Also, Ichabod1799 sounds a bit hard to remember at first, you want your visitors to remember you easily. You have a .net domain which is a nice domain, but combined with ichabod1799, it could be easily forgotten (people who are new at computers will assume everything is .com). But if you don't want to change your site name/domain extension, don't worry about it. :)

    Nifty line of what I use of doooooom(!!):

    Browser: Google Chrome | Operating System: Windows XP | Resolution: 1024x768 pixels

    First Impression
    Generic dashes. It's too... generic, like I said. A lot of graphic sites use borders like dashed, and it looks a bit unoriginal. Maybe a regular border? Or something else.

    I see "Howdy There" first, and then the header, and then the blog, and then everything else, and then your title/top navigation. I suggest to kind of make this stand out more, include "Ichabod1799" in the welcome header maybe? "Welcome to Ichabod 1799!" and then your regular intro?

    The text is a bit too small for my liking, but it's find right now.

    The top picture is so cute! ^^ Did you draw it, or did you just include it in your secondary header thing?

    The sidebar looks a bit long... maybe you can take some sections there and move it somewhere else? Spread it around a little bit.

    CuteNews? I'm sure you'll get a bunch of reviews saying to not use CuteNews. Just get a CMS or some other secure script. CuteNews is a turnoff for a lot of people nowadays. I think.

    "Ichabod1799" looks like the font used for another video game title... Golden Sun. Have you heard of it? It's the best game for Gameboy evah!! :D (I'm obssesed. Sorry.)

    Anyways, it doesn't seem to "fit" with the rest of the layout. In fact, the entire top part (including navigation) doesn't seem to "fit". Make the title bigger, maybe a different font, and... well, either change the navigation or make something that goes along with the navigation.

    Also, the random red coming from behind seems a little weird.

    Pretty, but like I said, put something like this somewhere else so it kind of "flows".

    The drop down menus don't match the gradients much in the menu... or maybe it's because it's off by a few pixels (for me).

    Intro Text Box Thing:
    Like I said before, the dashed box. It's also in the headers - I suggest you change it to something else, but you don't need to. It's fine.

    Content Area:
    Love the blog post layout. ;D

    Spread it around! Like... latest editions can go in the bottom, but a little smaller? I dunno... it just seems a bit too much and overwhelming. You have a forum, but I don't see the point in listing the latest posts near the bottom.

    Prettttyyy... *_* Not much to say here.

    Hmmm... this layout seems to be a bit too good to be true. Let's check your cioding...

    *holds control+u and pauses*

    Wow... so far so good. Except Transitional - unless you're converting to strict soon. It's better to have Strict. Here's a tutorial on converting. Some major tips would be to get rid of the target="_blank"s, and don't use deprecated attributes (e.g. align).

    Ah-ha! Here's the flaw - teh sidebar!!

    "Latest Additions" could be in a ul and can be styled very easily to make it look the way it does now. You have a whole bunch of h1 - it would be best to use h1 for the page title, and h2 for the subtitles. ^^

    Unless you really need the "recent forum posts", ditch it. It has deprecated attributes and won't help your code.

    I think your site is in PHP includes - if so, did you know that you can use PHP for a basic image rotation script? The less Javascript on the page, the faster it loads, and you don't need Javascript to randomize images.

    If you can, fix up the code for your chat box as well.

    Also, switch the sidebar content and content content (xD) around so the content content comes first. It's best for text-only browsers, and people don't want to scroll down your sidebar to reach your content all the time.

    You don't need a table for your blog posts, because you can do that with CSS easily.

    Um... "#altnav" could also be a regular list styled to look pipeline.

    All in all, it could use some work, but kudos for trying XHTML. :) CSS doesn't look so bad either.

    The good stuff now! Not that everything else was bad... ^^

    The Latest Blog Post:
    Woah, long. But it's okay, you're reintroducing your site, which is one of my very few exceptions of super long blog posts. Edit: Oh... no wonder it's called "Tuesday is Coming"... it's the name of your layout!

    Site History - Reasonable length. A bit too lazy to read it all, but it seems it's being updated. Oh, and that's so awesome how you included the "site history" blurb at the top!

    Links - Error: [q]a community where people share they're art works[/q] should be "a community where people share their art works". Other than that, these links are good and organized the way it should be. Good job!

    Random note: Do you think it would be possible to include a subnavigation?

    Link to Us - So... many... O_O And eeeee! A Series of Unfortunate Events! I love that book series. :) Also, the place where the fourth button in the 1st row is supposed to be is blank?

    Past Layouts - Ooh... even a comment section for it. It's so organized, I love it. But I don't think visitors can say much from a screenshot... Cutenews? Remember - Cutenews is baaad! Don't use it! You'll get a lot of people saying so.

    Wallpapers - *gasp* Oh.. em.. gee.. A Series of Unfortunate Events! Yaaaayyy! (I really love the series.)

    Comment template is so beautiful... *_* Well, to me anway.

    Do you own these images? If not, it would be best to credit wherre you got them from/(unfortunately) take them down...

    But they're all good, and I'd totally use them. ^_^

    Layouts - Ehh... they're nice but I'm a bit iffy about them. The Sims 2 Layout is misaligned in Google Chrome... not much to say, but without the images, I think the design would be a little weird. Spend a bit more time on the code for these.

    Midis - You collected these... but you should give credit to where you got them.

    Awards - Eh... not much to say here, you're doing a good job.

    Reviews - CuteNews again? *opens mouth and is about to talk, but is hit by flying rock* But your organization = awesome.

    Credits - That's good you're looking for the original artist, but in your next layout, try drawing it yourself or using an image that you can credit the artist.

    FAQ - ... oh, I've been pronouncing it "Ih-kah-bod" this whole time. 0_o Oh, good, you're crediting the Midis. This looks very helpful so there's not much to critiqe here. ^^

    Contact - Not sure why I'm reviewing this, but it's good. Maybe you want to include your profiles on other sites as well?

    Your site layout is pretty, and you have pretty content. ^^ But all that glitters is not gold. I'd like you to focus more on your coding - it's better than most peoples', but I think Valid XHTML is more neat, and then you can try putting indentations to make it look beautiful.

    You offer the same kind of content most sites offer, with the exception of having a lot of it and, a bonus, making it easy to find and really organized. You weren't kidding when you said you did some organizing! Oh, and the MIDIs. Not many sites (that I know of) offer MIDIs. My suggestions would be to work a bit more on coding and adding more content, but you're doing a great job!

    - Vanesa

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    ichabod1799's Response:

    First of all thank you for taking your time to thoroughly review my site, I know it takes a long time to go through and for you to dedicate that time to right a really thorough review like you have tells me you have some interest in the site in the first place, otherwise you wouldn't be that motivated, so thanks for your time and dedication.

    Next. I have never received a single complaint or critique about my site title before. When ever someone does say something about it, it's always been praise for how original it is. I think my self it's really amateurish, i did come up with the name from my web alias when I first got into design, when I was an amateur. But it's been really beneficial it's uniqueness, especially when there are so many sites out there with all the same name, it makes it harder for people searching your site on search engine if it's the same title as every other site - and it's also hard to come up with a really original title that hasn't already been taken. My title turned out to be really lucky in the end, I'm the only Ichabod1799 so it makes it easier for people to identify me and my site. Just Google search Ichabod1799. Also no one can remember the crazy titles people come up with for their sites anymore or what domain it is, people rely on hyperlinks and bookmarks. I know I only come to this place only by the link on my site.

    I can't really change the domain to a .com because a) I've been settled the .net for 3 years now. b) people know it's .net c) .net is cheaper than .com and I'm not made of money. d) Most graphic sites like mine and sites that are put up for hobby purposes are a .net domain or .org or something cheap, rarely is .com use and .com is associated with business websites.

    I can't change the name now or the domain because it's been around for 6 years, all the graphics are under the name of Ichabod1799, and it's really unique and stands out. Changing the name would be like starting your site all over again, 6years down the drain.

    I tried a normal border and everything and the only thing that suited the layout for the "generic" dashes. The phrase welcome to Ichabod1799 won't fit in the headline there, spacing as been a bit of an issue with this layout, and I think "Welcome to Ichabod1799" would be more generic than a dashed border. Ichabod1799 is already in the logo and in the title bar, written all over the graphics and most likely the link the visitor came from. It doesn't need the title anywhere else, they know the title of the site their visiting. besides "Howdy There" makes it more personal to the audience, it add more character and a humanizing feeling rather just plain old "welcome to."

    yeah I kinda agree now that that text is too small. Any suggestion to what pts and spacing and etc would be a good idea?

    In the next layout I think I will take some of the side navigation out and put it else where, but in comparison to the old layouts and some other sites out there, it's been condensed ...a lot. Though if the side navigation was any smaller then there would be complains about the rest of the content looking too long because there would be all that white space at the bottom of the right panel. That length at the moment balances all the content out on the rest of the pages.

    If you have your personal opinions on Cutenews, that's fine, a lot of people do and I respect that. In the mean time I'm happy with Cutenews, it's easy, I know how to use it. It does exactly what I want. I reedited it so it will validate.

    The logo font is actually a combination of two fonts, "Morpheus" and "The Last Font I'm Wasting on You." Originally I started used Morpheus as the site's logo in 2004 I think, it was a font used on all the Buffy merchandise. But now I see that font over used EVERYWHERE. So I incorporated the Last Font I'm Waiting (a fan made font mimicking the font used on the Evanescence album The Open Door) in 2007 I think to spice up the logo a bit and make it look more like a logo and subtly different to the original Morpheus font. They were the perfect font combination for my style and inspirations on the site. Now a logo isn't just a title of your site that you change the font to on every layout, a logo is a strong icon (not necessarily a graphic image but mostly and simply and fashionably text) that creates a trade mark and immediate recognition. Therefore the my logo is what it is as it has been in the past four years, it's something you don't just change the font to on every different layout, otherwise it's just a title, not a logo.

    Yeah the drop down menu was absolute hell to code, I pretty much flueked it, I did all that I could, and sometimes you just have to leave it there, before you become so obsessive compulsive you just stuff things further. I am aware of it not matching up on other browsers as I was testing it and that's a happy negotiation. I think and others think that one of two pixels off still looks fine.

    Ummm what's the point in having the latest editions at the bottom of the page? It not only shows latest updates but samples what the site has to offer, it should stay at the top so the visitor can see it at first glance and not have to scroll down to find it by accident.

    Thanks for the php image rotation, I didn't know you could do it through php. I will certainly look into that :D and thanks for your coding suggestions. When I feel more confident and had a better understand of my coding and understand that tutorial you gave me I will convert it to Strict. Though I am very opinionated and have some stances on this whole stupid validating thing as my affiliate's blog can explain . It's already valid one way and after making such an effort in fixing up my mistakes I just get told it should be another way, it's all coding to me and if I get around to it I will, I don't really care, and at the end of the day it's just a computer and a bunch of ones and zeros. People are becoming a bit too obsessive about this validating trend.

    I was following a tutorial on div/css coding and that is why in the code the side navigation come before the content. This also makes it easier and neater for the php include scripts. I understand where you're coming from with how it should be after the content for Text Based Browers, but text based browsers not only don't display CSS, but they also don't support Javascript and Images, and why would someone want to visit a graphics based site on a text based browser? The only people who would use them are not the target audience of graphic design.

    Thanks for telling me that grammar error on the links page. I Remember fixing that up on the server when I was still working on cleaning the site but then when I transferred all the files back on the main directory from the hard copies on the computer then the original mistake got uploaded again. Whoops. :p

    Oh yes the fourth button on the first row is blank simply because there isn't any button there. I was going to make a new one matching the new layout but I never got around to doing that. After opening my site back up I had to get a move on with all my homework I avoided.

    You're the only person so far that has told me off for using Cutenews :p

    With the wallpapers, I have credited where I got the images from, it's written all over the wallpaper section on the description of each wallpaper there are credits for the image sources and brushes, it's even bolded and in red, how could you not see that?

    Yeah all my old layouts are from my old coding error ways, I don't have the time to go through all of them and fix them up. The newer ones get better, it's all part of learning. I'm not fussed.

    On the site description posted on this page up above next to the screen shot I stated that my profile was going to be on the blog section when it opens, as it's more suited there than on a graphics site. Sometimes when you review a site on here it helps to read those descriptions first and even if you did, re-read them and cross check with your draft.

    Thanks for your review, though you seem to focus strongly on just the coding. A website is more than coding, it's also content and design elements which I think you need to level them out with your coding analysis. This may have sounded harsh but you seem really thorough with your reviews that i should help you gain a better understand of some design elements that could benefit you and how you review others and your website if you have one.

    UPDATED 23 Apr 09:
    whoops i forgot to close off the url tag and now I don't know if I can go back and fix it up :(

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