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My personal blog, I write almost daily about all sorts of random things that make up my life. I have a portfolio website so this place is pretty much 100% blog. I write everything from haikus to book reviews to doll photos to chronicling the DIY lifestyle, there's a lot going on!

Please note: This is not a traditional website, the vast majority of the content is in the blog!

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  1. [img: avatar]
    squigglybee gave it ****- on 18th Dec 2008 and said:

    I must admit that I was a little sad when you moved from Riot Squrrl Network to this free WordPress.com blog. However, I have not been disappointed with the content of your site. I'm not into the Pullip dolls, but I must admit that your Zombuki dolls are pretty amazing. I love looking at their bold colors and hair and makeup. You're very talented. :) I also enjoy reading your blog entries (although I haven't in quite some time due to being busy). You always seem to know what's "in" and what's "cute." :) I love how write little haikus too! I have always enjoyed reading those.

    I do wish there was a bit more to your About page. I think it's good, short and sweet, but it leaves me wanting to read more about you.

    I should take some notes from you and blog more on my own site. You're doing what I wish I had time to do - design and make things! I am quite envious actually. ;)

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  2. Olivia gave it ****- on 12th Nov 2008 and said:

    First Impressions: I love that the first thing that jumps out at me is the thrill of a sense of multi-media blog. Your creations make your blog very unique. Wonderful photography there!

    About: Yay to this page! It's very pleasing. It's nice that you've incorporated your web history in to this page too, very effortlessly. All your extra information here is relevant to your personal life and I freaking love your My Little Pony collection! I'd love to see some pictures here. Seeing all of them together would be impressive. It would be nice to see a picture of you without that effect!

    Video Games: Fantastic page! Unfortunately I haven't played any of these games so I can't comment on your reviews of them, but I still think it's awesome that you've commented and reviewed your progress on each of them. This is a great read for any gamers.

    Final Comments: Your content is pleasing and an awesome addition to your blog! I love your unique style and sense of orginality. ;) Yay!

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  3. [img: avatar]
    worldangel gave it ***-- on 12th Nov 2008 and said:

    The first thing that struck me was the background. Simple yet the colour blends together to attract and soothe at the same time. I also love your logo, very unique and creative. The pictures of your work are also very clear and nicely placed. Love the sidebar with the part where you can arrange the posts according to either top posts, latest comments or tags.

    The bulk of the design seems to concentrate on the top part, there is quite a bit of white space at the bottom. I also find the Quilt to be a bit too cluttered and took quite a while to load for my side.

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  4. [img: avatar]
    Diana gave it ***-- on 12th Nov 2008 and said:

    You chose a nice theme. Can I just say that DIY lifestyle= love?

    The blogs are good and long and even have pretty pictures of your work to look at. Awesome!

    The calendar on the sidebar is probably more harm than good, to be honest. I tend to look at them as gauges of inactivity. It seems to suit your almost daily blogging, but if you ever become inactive, I suggest removing it.

    Oh my, your about page is perfect. So much good info!

    I think it's great that you have a video game list on here. It's like everything you are interested gets some mention. Perfect.

    What I want to suggest is more! You seem interesting, so I think your site could stand more bulk.

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  5. [img: avatar]
    Jacky gave it ***-- on 12th Nov 2008 and said:

    You didn't make it, so I can't compliment it nor critique it, but I will commend you on at least choosing a theme that's nice. I find that so many people who choose to use a premade theme usually choose boring ones. I like the one you chose. It's fun and attractive.

    I am going to say this though, if this is at all possible, to perhaps remove some things from sidebar. Its kind of overflowing/overwhelming.

    Recommend for removal:
    - The calendar. I've never found calendars to be of much use/interest, unless its on an archive page.
    - You're blog roll is quite long, and would be more effective if you cut it down to 5-10 (randomized) and had a seperate page with ALL of the links. That way you can add more without worrying about how huge your sidebar is getting!

    So, as far as I can see you have three pages for content -- About, Video Games and Quilt. Which are good pages, but they don't seem like they deserve top billing on your menu? It seems a little unorganized...

    After reading your about page, I'm left wanting more. I've always said that if your blog is about you, that I want an in-depth page about just you. You're about page now is clear and well written, but I still want to know more, y'know? Maybe seperate your web-history into a sub-section of your about page?

    Now, the about page also says that you, in addition to your blog -- "haiku, urban vinyl news and photos of my collection, book summaries/reviews, video game reviews/faqs, (very) occasional WordPress themes, Pullip/Blythe photos by the ton, pictures of my doll house (which is cooler than you'd think), cuteness, periodic literary scholarship (seriously), and all other manner of random goodness." Where is it? This is the sort of stuff I want to see in your menu, not hidden away in your archives. Like this! That's totally awesome! I would love to see more of that.

    So overall your content is great -- clearly written, interesting, original -- but disorganized.

    I would suggest adding category pages to your menu instead of the two unconnected pages. How about "About", "Articles & Reviews" and "Extra". Articles & Reviews could contain links to your tutorials (which I'd love to see more of), reviews of books and games (which I think are awesome, btw, you obviously put a lot of work into them!). Extra could contain your QBee quilt and Wordpress Themes. I also wouldn't mind a collection gallery showing the things you've made. ;)

    Overall, you've chosen a great design, have an interesting blog and wonderful content -- I'd just like to see some more organization and consideration of space (re: sidebar) but the makings of a good site are there!

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    pbrigitte's Response:

    Thanks for your review, the category headers for the blog entries really should be the top menu because 99% of my content is in blog entry form. "Where is it?" The answer is: in the blog! :3 Thanks again!

  6. [img: avatar]
    Lee gave it ***-- on 11th Nov 2008 and said:

    haha To start, I like the name! I like the theme you chose, it it clean and fresh, but still doesn't detract your attention away from the content which is why your visitors should be here.

    I love your pendants and even though dolls kind of creep me out at time, I like yours. They are different and that makes them special and very much less creepy. :) (on a side note: I have a friend on LJ who would love your Celaeno doll, it fits her perfectly!) As well your necklace prototype reminds me of CSI and the miniature killer series, so very cool!

    About: I like how honest and open you are in your about page (at least that is the vibe that I get off it). The fact that you say that you post just random stuff is great, I think everyone needs to be a little more random (in a good, not harming themselves/others, but having fun way).

    Video Games: Oh my! Proper reviews of games, not just a list of games you have played. Awesome! I've of course only played like two games from your list, but I'm not a gamer to begin with I just enjoy the occasional downtime game.

    Quilt: Ok I will admit I never really understood the quilting thing, but props to you for being proud of yours. (Most of my online friends kind of tilt their heads at the concept of fanlistings, but to each their own)

    Great and original blog posts/content. Keep up the good work, and I am definitely bookmarking your site for all the DIY posts, and your Etsy shop for when I get some extra money for gifts and myself. :)

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  7. MelissaSue24 gave it ***-- on 11th Nov 2008 and said:

    I liked your website -- the theme you chose is very fresh and clean and pleasing to the eye. The video game list was fun to read -- we have few in common! I liked that you have included reviews.

    You're a very talented photographer, I always manage to take photos of my thumb or something ends up just out of frame. I'm not sure how many blog entries you have that aren't showcasing photos -- I only looked back until the end of October -- so I can't really comment on more than that.

    A lovely website :)

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  8. [img: avatar]
    Aisling gave it **--- on 11th Nov 2008 and said:

    You're using a pre-made. So, I can't really grade it.

    You have an original site, with a very cool topic, and your dolls are amazing. Your About page is well-written. And your video games list is *shock, gasp* MORE THAN A LIST! THANK YOU! You have no idea how many DVD/book/games lists I've reviewed that are JUST a list. Ooh, and you have a Q*Bee quilt! Also, very nice.

    Apart from that, there's nothing really to review. :(

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    pbrigitte's Response:

    You could have reviewed the hundreds of blog entries. Just an idea!

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