About Me: Hello. I'm Aaron. Obviously, I'm interested in webdesign. I own one personal website, I'm your ordinary kid with side effects, haha. I love hanging out with family members, cuddling with my three dogs, going out to 42nd street, and chillin'. I have just noticed I'm pretty darn stubborn at times. By the way, I live in New York City. It's not the bomb, it's like, whatever, I'm used to it, haha. Want to get to know me more? Just message me.

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Why is this the "Likes" section? Jeez, I might like a lot of things. But, I LOVE music. Music is my wife; other than my laptop! Music is something I can listen to... just to get away from the world for a minute; it's amazing. Other than music, I love my dogs, my family, my friends, my affiliates, and more.


I'm usually freaked out by bugs more than mice. I have the courage to pick up dead mice and head them to the garbage. I wouldn't have the power to step on a waterbug (also known as a huge roach). Ugh, I hate bugs. I have a phobia of hating holes... holes on my clothing is so... disgusting. So yeah, I'm sure you get the idea.


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