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About Me: My name is Marieke. I am a twenty two year old Dutchie and I am currently enrolled in University, where I make an endeavour to study English (with the main focus on literature.)

I spend most of my leisure time reading, which is hardly surprising I suppose... Aside from that, I like to go out and have a good time with my friends: hanging out, shopping or attending concerts. I guess you could call me a metal head, although that perhaps would be a little narrow minded.

I am a rather opinionated person and I am known to be a bit blunt, but I do try to be nice about things, so don't bite my head off if I come across as rude.

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Clean layouts (with clear navigation and readable text), Evidently intelligent people with clever language usage, Things that are out of the ordinary, Music related posts, Well informed opinions; Open minded visions and, of course, TMI!


Generic blogs, Images that take forever to load, Having to highlight text in order to be able to read it, Groundless opinionated claims and narrow mindedness in general.


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