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About Me: I am the original echo. I'm one big crazy diamond queen. I am the undertow of the worst driven cow. I can make a short story long. Supererogation is my thing. My purse can also be used as a weapon. I fall off the face of the earth. I am the center of the echoverse. I am echo — with a lowercase e.

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Your personality expressed through code. Original words and images. Fun with colour. Mystery navigation. Citing (and crediting!) sources of the content you didn't create yourself. Using (with permission) materials made by others to dream up and present a new work of art. A decent grasp of the English language.
If you wish to use standards-based coding practices to generate your site, it will earn you bonus points in my book.


Cookie-cutter sites. Colour schemes that make my eyes hurt. Gigantic tacky images. Horizontal scrolling. Bludgeoning the English language by using chat-speak (only Prince can get away with that!) or constantly misspelling words.


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