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About Me: I'm probably best described as an Italian libra from Long Island (though I've relocated to Queens). Yes, I talk a lot. I speak before I think, and have become quite familiar with receiving the "evil eye." I'm sarcastic about virtually everything in life. It tends to make people mad. People who are mad make me laugh. It works out well, really. It allows me to be pretty good at avoiding and/or insulting people who try to pry into my personal life when they're not welcome.

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Al Pacino, astrology, attention, bars, bunnies, busy schedules, Chevy pick-ups, coconut Malibu, coffee, comedy, cupcakes, energy drinks, executive business, fortune cookies, gay boys, glitter, green tea, Guitar Hero, hair products, inside jokes, Keanu Reeves, kittens, laughter, lip rings, Long Island, makeup, miniskirts, mohawks, movies, muffins, muscle cars, musicians, nail polish, nostalgia, parties, peanut butter, politics, sarcasm, sexual innuendos, sleeping, tattoos, video games, wrestling.


bugs, children, competition, dirt, dogs, ebonics, feet, germs, losing, needles, organized religion, public buses, rain, (most) rap music, Rod Stewart, snow, waking up early, watching movies in full screen.


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